Killer Image

I was talking to someone today.  He called me ‘dear’ and then ‘honey’.  As an after thought he asked if I was offended.  I said no, I wasn’t.  Actually nothing of a reaction to the moniker even registered when he called me that.  It was better than “hey you”.     Then,  after talking to me for awhile he said “I’ll just call you killer”.  I smiled.  And was flattered.

I told him that would be just fine.


I have not ever killed anyone.  Nor have I any desire to do so.   It just doesn’t strike me as something I would particularly enjoy.

But the idea of being called “Killer” must strike something in me.  Maybe it’s the bad assery image I want to portray.  

There is something I like about dressing all in black.  Wearing dark glasses.  Standing tall.  Suck in the belly.  Look intense.

And let my presence speak for me.

Killer Image

Or maybe “Killer” makes me feel more of that intensity than “dear” or “honey”.

“Killer” will do.  Or, “Johnny Cash”.




56 thoughts on “Killer Image

  1. I’m sitting on my couch chuckling away killer, you bad nasty you. Killer does evoke sunglasses, dark coat etc but sucking in the belly?? 🙂 I call every one hun, lovey, lovely, sweety and give out kisses and at times wonder if I step over the line by doing so, but that is me, so not budging. Have a good weekend killer 😉


  2. Killer seems like a fun nickname to have 🙂 I the idea of being a bit of a bad ass myself… Probably because “bad ass” is the exact opposite of how anyone would describe me, and it can be natural to want to be what you are not. I know the wearing all black and looking intense feeling you speak of. I love that feeling 🙂

    Great post and very relatable! You’re funny, and I like you. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog! Excited to see more!


  3. Colleen, I will stick with Colleen, it keeps it real and personal for me. I don’t see you as a killer anyway, but I could call your Honey or Sweetheart and it come from the heart. But Colleen works fine. Have a great day and take care Sweetheart, Bill


  4. Said smilingly, I can appreciate each enderament. But Johnny Cash? 🙂 Interesting pause… I don’t usually heed or mind whatever I’m called unless it is unusually catchy or oddly fitting. I guess this is why “killer” comfortably aligned for you. 🙂


  5. I like endearing names. Don’t use them myself, but being exposed to the southern US culture, I’m catching on, and maybe one day I’ll call someone hon. However, Killer is very interesting—and funny.


  6. Killer …. ???!!! Not too sure about the word .. but today there is so many ways to be a killer – this with killer instinct – can be both good and bad, it all depends on how we use it of course, but I don’t like Killer, or be called Honey by a man that I don’t have any closer relationship to.


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