We Call Them Baby Heads

I had a friend who told me a story once.  She had a friend who had a little girl.  And they always called the little girl “Princess”.  And they treated her like a princess.  They gave to her.  They loved her.  They did everything they could for her.  But they didn’t call her smart.  They didn’t tell her what she could do for herself.  And she grew up with a “Princess” kind of attitude.  With an expectant nature and willing to let others do for her.

There’s something to that.  Sure a woman can be a Princess of Power and Authority and Generosity.   If she knows such things.

Nicknames have always been a part of my world.  My life.  And I am thrilled to see the tradition live on.

Baby HeadsGrace O’Malley, Little, Jar and Mimi

As a group or even individually we call them baby heads.   But they all  have their own code names.

There’s joy, love and laughter in these names.

Now it’s time to start adding new nicknames.


President, Doctor, Teacher, Master Builder

Sir, Ma’am

Your Honor