Too Simple To Understand

Once again I have over simplified things in my head.

I don’t understand the complexities that the world fills it’s self with.

More strife and conflict are being raised and pushed upon the people’s of this world.

I’m going to take a huge jump here and assume that the majority of this world is filled with hard working people.  Doesn’t matter the nationality or socioeconomic status of the people being discussed.  I believe the majority of the world are hard working people.  Trying to take care of their families.  Raising kids, being part of communities, helping their aging parents, going to PTA/PTO/school based functions, getting dinner figured out and trying to rest between everything they must do.  The things we all must do to get through every single day.

I also suspect that many of the world, again probably the majority, appreciate that there is color in our cultures.  Differences that we see in literature, art and travel.  And we appreciate that.  We’re quite okay that the world is not homogenized and bland.

As I read through article after article about the people – again – I simplified the problem.

And the solution.

Maybe our world leaders don’t have enough to do.   Maybe they are too dependent on their countries taking care of them and supporting their agendas that they are a little bit out of touch with the other 6,978,000,032 of us.

I bet I would get a few to agree with me that we all want to live in, and with,  peace.  Those being subjected to cruelty and horrors of starvation, slavery, oppression, etc…. don’t want that.    Those of us who don’t have that, don’t want it, and don’t want others to have it.

Maybe our leaders should live the life of their people.  The people they represent.  And learn what it is that the people need, want and are dying (literally) for.  Live the life that is being lived in their country.   See any problems?  Fix it with the people.   Everything good?   Then don’t screw it up.

Maybe by filling the world leader’s days with agendas of their people they might find less time to cause problems for others.

Too simple?