Too Simple To Understand

Once again I have over simplified things in my head.

I don’t understand the complexities that the world fills it’s self with.

More strife and conflict are being raised and pushed upon the people’s of this world.

I’m going to take a huge jump here and assume that the majority of this world is filled with hard working people.  Doesn’t matter the nationality or socioeconomic status of the people being discussed.  I believe the majority of the world are hard working people.  Trying to take care of their families.  Raising kids, being part of communities, helping their aging parents, going to PTA/PTO/school based functions, getting dinner figured out and trying to rest between everything they must do.  The things we all must do to get through every single day.

I also suspect that many of the world, again probably the majority, appreciate that there is color in our cultures.  Differences that we see in literature, art and travel.  And we appreciate that.  We’re quite okay that the world is not homogenized and bland.

As I read through article after article about the people – again – I simplified the problem.

And the solution.

Maybe our world leaders don’t have enough to do.   Maybe they are too dependent on their countries taking care of them and supporting their agendas that they are a little bit out of touch with the other 6,978,000,032 of us.

I bet I would get a few to agree with me that we all want to live in, and with,  peace.  Those being subjected to cruelty and horrors of starvation, slavery, oppression, etc…. don’t want that.    Those of us who don’t have that, don’t want it, and don’t want others to have it.

Maybe our leaders should live the life of their people.  The people they represent.  And learn what it is that the people need, want and are dying (literally) for.  Live the life that is being lived in their country.   See any problems?  Fix it with the people.   Everything good?   Then don’t screw it up.

Maybe by filling the world leader’s days with agendas of their people they might find less time to cause problems for others.

Too simple?

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50 thoughts on “Too Simple To Understand

  1. CultFit says:

    Too simple? Nope. Powerful and moving? Yup!!!


    • Thank you Cultfit. I am so ignorant of political and world affairs. Sometimes I truly think those who are elected to serve sometimes get it twisted and think they are elected to be served.


  2. Unfortunately, there is too much power hunger and greed in this world. Maybe we should first try to solve that (if it’s possible).


  3. bikebrown says:

    That makes too much sense for it ever to be adopted as government policy.


  4. Not too simple colleen, but very powerful and the leaders are not ready for that. It would be a much better world, if we could get through with these yes.


  5. lgyslaine says:

    Good post my dear 🙂


  6. Absolutely right…but they’ve fought hard to get where they are, divorced from the everyday.
    How are we to get them to give it all up? They would regard such a proposal as the equivalent of a re-education camp in North Korea.


  7. FlaHam says:

    Colleen, This is an extremely thought provoking post, it hits many nerves in my body, smashes them, like have my finger caught in the car door. We need to start there right here right now. We can start either at the bottom and work up or start with those asses in Washington and work down. Either way we might actually end up better than we are today. Please take care my friend, and be safe. Bill


    • Thanks Bill. I guess if we want change we have to commit to it on every level. Starting with our selves. If it doesn’t make sense and it takes lawyers, mathematicians, psychologists, and every member of every elected office to try and make sense of it…and no one can agree on WHAT “it” means…it doesn’t belong in our governing body of people or laws.


  8. You’re SO correct ! The “leaders” of the world are certainly more in touch with satisfying their egos than satisfying and solving the problems and needs of the people they are “leading”.


  9. markbialczak says:

    It is simply smart, Colleen. We’d be OK if the leaders were OK with everybody having a little piece of the satisfaction pie. But no. Suddenly they want more of the pie for themselves and the pie-eaters that helped them get to the head of the bakery.


  10. Robin says:

    Not too simple at all. Brilliant, is what it is. I’m tellin’ ya, CM, I’d vote for you to be in charge of the world. Unless you didn’t want to be in charge of the world. I can see how that would be a big job with a lot of responsibility.


  11. I don’t think this is simple at all–just very, very true. I’m with Robin. We could use a leader like you!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  12. April says:

    I like your thinking.


  13. Aussa Lorens says:

    I wish it worked this way.


  14. Everything in this life has become so complicated. Simple has become a non-choice. Too easy. Not enough people making money from it. I shake my head. This is a goal I wish each country would start right this minute. But then there are leaders of one country who complete with those of another. “You’re not telling me what to do.” etc.


  15. Leaders? Surely you jest? 🙂 x


  16. I think you’re really on to something, Colleen. If our leaders, and the leaders in all countries, had to live the lives of their people, they’d surely figure out a whole new set of priorities. And there wouldn’t be any time left over to screw it up!


  17. penpusherpen says:

    Seems to me, Colleen, that some of those in power, started out wanting to change things, but ‘red tape’ compexities, all sorts of stuff just seem to get in the way, whilst others just wanted power for powers sake, those are the ones who seem to last, worse luck, the ones who care and want ot make changes for the better are drained, look how they age so quickly. there seems no answer, and look what we’re left with? The money men behind the ‘throne’ calling the shots. now they’re totally out of touch with the reality facing normal people. I vote for you too…where do I put my cross? 🙂 xPenx


    • I would believe that, that many do and did start out wanting to change things. Some succumbed to the game in the process of trying to get their changes, some are creating that game, some have to walk away from it. I do believe all of that.

      No voting! No voting! 🙂 I’m SO not ready to run the world! 🙂 But thanks for the faith.


  18. Red says:

    There is a large difference between too simple and perfect. This is a perfect solution and one I have promoted since I first joined the political machine in the late ’80s. After 20 years of banging my head against a platform, I left them to their decaying devices. I support your platform. xxx


    • Thank you Red. My platform, however, is way too simple to ever make a difference. I don’t know how you lasted 20 years. I truly don’t. I don’t want to head down that path and come across the decay!!!


  19. viveka says:

    If there is no problems we have to create them … and there is massive problems around the world that we should put our afford into – as we say here in Sweden, it’s a small shop with loads of talking and no action. Religion is one off the main problems in our world, why??? Every religion in itself tells us to accept everybody and treat everybody equal and still we don’t do it – because … of what ???
    Wars … create money – except for the people that is in the middle of it .. and all ready has so little.
    Good one, Colleen. Can’t you start a new international party ??? I be the first member.


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