I Don’t Love You

I don’t love you

For any, or all,  reasons  that can be explained.

I love you,

Because you are.


Truth is, there are a lot of people I would want to say this to.  But I don’t speak as well or as safely as I write.  I speak a lot.  But often times speaking in a manner to not say what I fully want to say.   Sadly, it’s  a habit I developed early and have difficulty in breaking.  I taught myself to  speak, so I don’t have to say.   But I write, because I need to.

So I write these things.

I write these things here.  I write them on paper.  I write them on my heart.

Hoping that those who I need to see it-

Or those that need to see it-

See it.

Maybe for others speaking is more natural.  Or acts are done in hopes that the words don’t have to be spoken.  Or like me, there is safety, or accuracy, or depth in a written word.

In whatever way we choose to express ….


If you have a need to say it, act it or write it….someone else has a need to hear it, experience it, or read it.

33 thoughts on “I Don’t Love You

  1. I agree. Sometimes ideas crystalize in a more eloquent manner for me when they’re coming from my fingers rather than my mouth. Yet talk away, I do, Colleen. So take a deep breath and say what you need to, and what you want to.


    • 🙂 Thanks Mark. I often find myself “speaking” because it’s expected of me. And I cave to that expectation. But when I want to speak it is more difficult. And there are those who may not believe that. 😉


  2. Not many can say what’s in their Heart Colleen, share their innermost feelings, without feeling they’re making themselves vulnerable. which to me, makes no sense, for a shared feeling is wonderful/fantastic/awe inspiring…Just as you’ve said above. xPenx


  3. Colleen, I love you, for all the reasons you said and didn’t say. I love you because no matter what else is going on, you make me smile, you make me feel warm. And like those before me have said, you don’t even need to say it, cause we feel it. I just hope upon hope you feel it coming back tenfold. Take care, Bill


  4. “I love you because you are” 🙂 So beautiful! Unconditional love. I think that’s the sort of love that everyone really desires, and it’s uncommon! I hope you can express it to these people, because they might just need to hear it!

    I struggle with the same thing. There are many people I don’t want to express the depth of my love to; what if they think it’s weird? Scary thought.


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