The Power You Wish

If I could choose a power to have as my own.

Any power at all.

Real or imagined.

I would choose real.

And I would choose-

The power of music.

To create it.

To breathe life in to it.

To breathe life in to

Those who hear it.

Sing it.

Fill their lives with it.

To have the power to invoke joy, sympathy, empathy, love, sadness and compassion.

To have the power to bring people to their feet.

Or bring them to their knees.

To soothe a troubled baby.

To end bitter words with harmony.

To enhance love with it’s own symphony.

To create beauty where ugly resides.

To create energy with rhythm and beat.

When courage wanes music’s crescendo lifts and fills the reserves in need.

To shame hate with it’s power to unite.

The power of music.

Over any other power.

I will take it.

And use it for the good of all.