Let Me Tell You Something About Cleveland

It rocks.

And I don’t mean in the musical sense.    Though I’m pretty sure it does that as well.

I had never considered Cleveland a “destination” spot.  And I’ve heard jokes about Cleveland for years.   But if someone mentions “Cleveland” in a comment again I will remember it fondly and hope to go back to it.

If you go to Cleveland and don’t have a good time, don’t find something fun to do, or fantastic food to eat…you are purposefully looking to be miserable.

We took a walking tour.  Outside of Ireland I don’t think I have ever met such a happy to help you  mix of people any where.

On a self designed walking tour we went through artsy areas, market areas, fancy schmancy areas, old and new areas full of character.

From the homeless we met.  To the Lexus driving, leather bag toting we met.  To security guards.  To the performers.  To servers.  To people in the streets.   All were pleasant.

We walked through areas boarded up and shut down from their time of productivity and full lives lived.   To up and going further up areas.   Neither more interesting than the other.  Just different.

Cleveland, I know you’ve had a rough time of it in the recent past.  What with the financial crisis going on every where.

But you should hold your heads up high.  Your people are class acts.

And I thank you for your kindness.  I look forward to returning.

The Arcade


Cleveland Coffee


Good Eats+

Anthony's, Little Italy