The Eulogy

I sat in the hard backed chair.  Watching the people come in.  Move about.  Hugs and kisses.  Tears.  Laughter.  But as the time drew nearer the rooms filled loudly with a hush.   That expectant air.  Those moments of knowing prayers will be said and final goodbyes uttered.

The chair got harder.

The time arrived.

Sure enough the preacher preached.  As all good preachers do.   Heads were bowed.   Prayers were said.

When it was time he stood and he approached the lectern.  His father by his side for comfort and support.

And the brother spoke.

He stood there not as a master of words.  But as a master of emotions.  I listened….no, that’s not exactly right.  I was physically, mentally and emotionally pulled in to the very core of existing with him.  And with every other person who heard him speak.  With his words he did weave – a tapestry that connected every single person there-together.   I felt connected to the person beside me, in front of me, sitting in the third room over to my right holding the over flow of people who came to celebrate a man’s life.   I felt connected to people I had never met and may never see again.

The brother reached out to each of us with his words, his eyes, his tears and laughter.  And told us each as if calling us by name….our value.   Our value to  his brother, his brother’s value to us, our value period-is love.

It was the most unselfish, all inclusive, declaration of love.

I’ve never been so enthralled by a eulogy.  A eulogy is given at the end of a person’s life.  This eulogy left me feeling like there is so much more to come.  That through the belief’s of his brother, the non-judgmental acceptance of his brother,  we can all go forward and be.  We can be courage, we can be our dreams, we can be okay.   I felt an empowerment.   An empowerment because the words he spoke were truth.  I knew if we all walked out of there remembering what he said, what he shared with us, we would all be stronger.  And if every one of us there today walked out carrying these truths with us there would be strength in our multitude.  And we would be connected by that tapestry woven today to every other person who heard and believed.   And if we carried these truths forward in our lives, sharing these truths with others,  his brother’s life truly goes on.  When you carry a man’s essence and beliefs in your heart, he will live on in you and in those you share your existence  with.

Every day I look for value in my existence to write, or ‘chatter’, about.  I find more value by believing there is value in the every day.  And it makes me pay attention and take notice.   Today I learned that my existence, and your existence,  is value.   

I rose from that chair…with so much more than I had begun this day with.

I wish you all this kind of love in your life.