Exercise Your Parenting

Watching my sister with her young ones I have realized something.

We talk about and preach about loving our children.

It’s a life long benefit for the child.   The parent.  The world.

Love Your Child

We talk about disciplining our children.

And though we don’t all agree on the level of ‘control’ we exert over our children,

There is a great benefit to us all when a child is disciplined and taught right from wrong.

Child Discipline

But seldom do we talk about the benefits of exercising our parenting.


Every single day.

Run Run

If we do not stop.

Run Run Run

And do not give in or give up.

Run Run Run Run

We can reap benefits.

Run Run Run Run Run Run

And rewards.


Beyond our wildest dreams.

Don't Fall!

If we do not weaken.

If we do not lose the faith!

We will be strong.


And so very fast.




Thank you to my sister and nephew for inspiration.

No parent was injured in the making of this dramatization that is possibly based in truth.