Cast Of Characters

The characters in our lives come and go.  But some you have forever.  I’ve got a large cast of constants and long timers.  I thought I might introduce you to them.

Seeing as how the majority of them will not bother to comment here I am free to give you my own version, perception if you will, of them.

Some you may have met previously.   Some you never will.

I’ll start with the family of origin.  It’s pretty big considering modern day “average” family size.   And I’ll limit it to just them this time.

This cast of characters may or may not resemble anyone in real life.   Any similarities to actual persons, dead or alive, is completely by pure luck and not skill.

I will go by order of age.  That way no one can say I have favorites.  But somebody will.

My father.  He wears angel wings now.   He’s quite the handsome fella.   I’ve always been told I look like him.   Do you think I do?  I am also pretty sure his wings are bigger.   He would be doing all kinds of practical jokes with his wings.  So I don’t these as an accurate portrayal of his wings.  But they’ll give you an idea in the event that you see him.


My mother.  She will wear skirts.  On purpose!!  And makeup and fancy clothes.   And smells like Royal Secret (all mom’s should).  You may have seen her here on occasion.   She loves Koji, and Bill.   And they don’t even look like twins.   (That is an inside joke that about eight of us will get.)


Son #1/Child #1:  He has always had the very best hair and the deepest voice.  The world should be disappointed.  He should have gone in to broadcasting.   And is the only one of us that ever had our parents to himself.  Just want to make sure he remembers that when he complains about how the following babies took up all of the attention.  Sorry, not that he would complain about that…


Son #2/Child #2:  He is only ‘first’ of the next two by like a minute and a half.  Twins.   But he deserves his own recognition as 1 of 8.   Not just 1 of 2.  Though that is a special bond.  Whatever.  He ratted me out to the entire house about flunking a test.  He has a temper.  But is very, very quiet.    And his laugh makes me laugh.


Son #3/Child #3:  Though they are identical, I don’t think they look that much alike.  Do you?  He is just as quiet.  And probably just as tempermental.  He’s extremely precise in everything he does.  You know it will be done right.  Maybe this is the one who ratted me out about the test…. it doesn’t matter.  It was one of them!


Daughter #1/Child #4:   ME!

Daughter #2/Child #5:  She is much more girly than I.  It takes her HOURS.  HOURS.  To get her look perfected.  You know the drill:  hair, hair, hair, jewelry, make up and crap.  But she’s a hard worker.  Going to school full time AND working full time.  Gotta give her great kudos for that.  Especially at her advanced age.   Oh, I have us out of birth order by the way….  You may have ‘seen’ her on occasion here.  But as of late she has more important things to tend to in life.  Pft.


Son #4/Child #6:  He is  hands down the funniest person I have ever met.   I love his ideas.  I love his dreams.  He might look the most like me.   Do you think so?  I’ve been told so.  Me, #6, and dad.  The others are in the scale but I think the three of us are definitely related.


Son #5/Child #7:    I have never known anyone else who dresses like him.  He does not like jeans (obviously this is not necessary to be connected by genes or I would swear he was adopted).  His casual wear includes dress pants and a sweater.  And he used to try and convince me that I was adopted.  So now when I hear someone talk about adoption I always have that little question running around in the back of my head.


Daughter #3/Child #8:  Okay you have seen this one.  You saw her here yesterday.   And on a few other occasions.  Though only if I email her or text her and tell her she is in the blog.  Then she’ll read it.  Could be due to the fact that she is made up of all of the left over parts.  And she just needs those kinds of reminders.


So there we are.   Family of origin.   I’ve been pretty lucky.  Over the years in my line of work I have seen families who don’t really care for the ‘constant’ of their family of origin.  Personally….I like mine.  A lot.  No matter where they are or where they go they can be guaranteed that they are thought about.  By someone.  Somewhere.  Every day.

Through out our lives we do have the ability to pick and choose at least some of the characters that grace our story line.  Not having got to cast this crew, I was pretty lucky the Director did a bang up job for me.