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The Truth Of Friendship

Another hike today.  With an long time (and old) friend.

I took a picture of her and said “oh my gosh, you are beautiful!  You’ll love this picture!”

She looked and giggled.  I don’t like the word “giggled” but it’s what she does.   She told me to give her my phone so she could take a picture of me.

We looked at it.  Started hiking.  She made a comment about the pictures.  I told her she was photogenic and that picture was beautiful (again).

Without pause she said “you didn’t look beautiful”.   Pause for effect.  “You look athletic”.

Anybody need a friend?

I am so very much kidding.   I wouldn’t give her up.  For anything.

Here’s the thing.

Without even thinking about it she said the very thing that I would have wanted to hear.  I feel happier, and more complimented, that she told me I look athletic (though now she’s trying to say she called me “Sporty Spice”-she did not).

I see my energy and ability, willingness and need to be active, as beautiful.  To me my beauty isn’t in how I look.  It’s in how I act, who I am, and what I mean to others.

We all need friends who know us well enough to be truthful.  Without having to worry about saying it ‘right’.   But just sharing our truths with us.

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