Not All Clouds

There are only so many silver linings one can look for.

Or hope to find.

It’s just not possible.  Can there be a lesson, or an unexpected joy, or anything  of value out of every single life storm?

Personally, I don’t think so.  But in most, yes.   But some storms…they rage and surviving and holding on is the best to be hoped for. Ach.  I just talked myself out of making that point.  Okay, surviving and holding on is a value and a silver lining.

So I thought it would be nice to challenge myself to that task.  What can possibly be learnt, or valued out of something that is unpleasant, down right sad, or even tragic.

I’ve been fortunate since I just thought of this as a self challenge yesterday.

So I don’t have anything brilliant or earth shattering to learn from in the 48 hours since I considered this a personal challenge.

All I have is a gaping hole in my mouth.  But to be quite honest it isn’t even gaping.  But it is a hole.  A hole that a new tooth will not grow out of.

I had to have a tooth pulled.  The previously installed silver in that tooth did nothing to line any clouds.

But the doctor’s orders that went home with me did.

By doctor’s orders they recommended eating ice cream and yogurt for the first 12 hours.

So I ate one container of yogurt.

And almost one container of ice cream.   If you think I showed restraint.  I did not.  The yogurt was six ounces.  The ice cream was half a gallon.    And filled  three bowls.

Some linings are in chocolate and peanut butter, no silver  to be found any where.


I certainly don’t mean to minimize the greater challenges and pains in life.  I’ve had them.  And sometimes I could find lessons and value in the moment of loss or tragedy or difficulty.  Sometimes I didn’t learn a stinking thing.   Until much much later.   And it usually, no-always,  came in the form of “value who and what is in your life when you have it”.   Period.

Funny enough the value never had anything to do with silver.  Or gold.  Or green backs.


Only in what I miss.  What I didn’t appreciate when I had it, like relationships or health.  Or what I didn’t work hard enough to do.

Or who I miss.