Not All Clouds

There are only so many silver linings one can look for.

Or hope to find.

It’s just not possible.  Can there be a lesson, or an unexpected joy, or anything  of value out of every single life storm?

Personally, I don’t think so.  But in most, yes.   But some storms…they rage and surviving and holding on is the best to be hoped for. Ach.  I just talked myself out of making that point.  Okay, surviving and holding on is a value and a silver lining.

So I thought it would be nice to challenge myself to that task.  What can possibly be learnt, or valued out of something that is unpleasant, down right sad, or even tragic.

I’ve been fortunate since I just thought of this as a self challenge yesterday.

So I don’t have anything brilliant or earth shattering to learn from in the 48 hours since I considered this a personal challenge.

All I have is a gaping hole in my mouth.  But to be quite honest it isn’t even gaping.  But it is a hole.  A hole that a new tooth will not grow out of.

I had to have a tooth pulled.  The previously installed silver in that tooth did nothing to line any clouds.

But the doctor’s orders that went home with me did.

By doctor’s orders they recommended eating ice cream and yogurt for the first 12 hours.

So I ate one container of yogurt.

And almost one container of ice cream.   If you think I showed restraint.  I did not.  The yogurt was six ounces.  The ice cream was half a gallon.    And filled  three bowls.

Some linings are in chocolate and peanut butter, no silver  to be found any where.


I certainly don’t mean to minimize the greater challenges and pains in life.  I’ve had them.  And sometimes I could find lessons and value in the moment of loss or tragedy or difficulty.  Sometimes I didn’t learn a stinking thing.   Until much much later.   And it usually, no-always,  came in the form of “value who and what is in your life when you have it”.   Period.

Funny enough the value never had anything to do with silver.  Or gold.  Or green backs.


Only in what I miss.  What I didn’t appreciate when I had it, like relationships or health.  Or what I didn’t work hard enough to do.

Or who I miss.

47 thoughts on “Not All Clouds

  1. It’s ages since I burrowed into a carton of Ice Cream, Colleen, pass the spoon? 😀 …
    Sorry about the tooth, but it must have needed the pulling ‘cos they always try and save if they can… Personally I hate the dentist, (not him per se, just the whole atmosphere, drilling , screaming. *cough* that’s usually me) , so I’d be hard pressed to see a silver lining, but…. the stopping of the pain would be that eh? I do agree though, there’s always a reason for something ;down’ to have an ‘up’ side… Take last night, (early this morning really) I couldn’t sleep,so I just came online and commented places… Took my mind someplace else, and then tired myself out enough to sleep, … I did have an idea for a poem, but it faded away like mist… I’m off to try and find it,, in disguise… … 😎 xPenx


    • I hope you found it…..

      I know what you mean about the dentist. I love him and his staff. They are awesome. And the wonderful thing about this is I was very lucky to NOT have pain and it was a routine cleaning that caught the severity of the problem. We aren’t sure why I didn’t have pain…. but glad I didn’t. And the ice cream? We are back to NOT buying it for the house. Between the 2 of us we ate 1 1/2 GALLONS in three days. 🙂 Shame on us. But our restrictions are back in place now!

      And you mentioned screaming…..last time I was there was the FIRST time I have ever heard screaming. Kinda startled me I have to admit!


  2. I can’t recall when I last had ice cream, although I used to keep mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer from my granddaughters. Now I crave a bowl.
    I’ve never heard this type of advice from a dentist. I think this guy or gal must have an interesting personality.


    • Tess I have to admit I was surprised. I wish I had taken a picture of it and added it to the post. We have stopped keeping ice cream in the house because if we bought it it was non stop eating of it. But………..last week husband asks me “do you want a bowl of ice cream?” I got all excited and said “we have ice cream????” He said “I mean popcorn”. Broke my heart. I tormented him about that. And then the dentist sent me home with that paper. When I got home from work guess what the husband had for me? 🙂 ICE CREAM!! 🙂 Good man.


  3. I love what markbialczak wrote. So true. Thankfully, I was raised by a father who had an incredible attitude and I learned a lot about having a good attitude, despite all temptation not to. Yours today reminded me of my dad. You’d have loved him. Most that knew him did.


  4. Hey, if you have to have a tooth pulled, it’s great that you get to indulge in a bit of ice cream! Well deserved! Wonder if I deserve some this evening, even if I haven’t had a tooth pulled?

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  5. Colleen, I never really thought about it. The time I actually remember someone dropping “the silver lining” crap I called BS right away. And while I can appreciate you finding ice cream and yogurt to be a lesser silver lining. I think you really summed it up earlier in the post when you stated that sometimes it just ain’t happening. Take care, Bill


  6. Is this what the ice cream stuff was about? OMG… 🙂 But there is a silver lining. In this case, the silver was lined with sweet cream! And there is truth, now, in “I scream for ice cream”.


  7. Ouch! But I like your style. And any time I can have a really good excuse to enjoy ice cream, that is a bonus. I just finished a year-long road towards a tooth implant. I’m loving having a tooth in that gaping hole. If you have any thoughts in that direction, I highly recommend! 🙂


    • I have wondered about the tooth implants. My dentist hasn’t said anything about them. Maybe I’ll ask him this next visit. I’m already going to be going in numerous times as it is…. so why not see about it. Thank you Debra. 🙂


  8. I liked the silver lining, especially chocolate and peanut butter. I would have gone straight to the Reese’s. Hope you are feeling better. 🙂


  9. I know you wrote this a while ago but I just found it! Rilliant! Yay to the ice cream and yoghurt. Agree totally about life’s “lessons”


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