Constant Quest

In my on-going quest to improve my physical well being I have tried many many things.   Long ago I learned to get up early.  There’s no way to plan what will happen once everyone else wakes up.   So I would wake up first.   I was pretty safe in the knowledge that no one was going to get up that early to request or need anything of me.   I think it happened once.  But was only required because a child was projectile vomiting.  Shudder.

Get Up EarlyI have gone through so many different routines and machines and gimmicks.  Anything to keep me interested and in it for the long run.   Some of them I don’t even remember the name of….

Ab Something Or OtherSome things stay because there is goodness in the doing of it.  Whether I want to or not.  I now feel I have to.  Or I feel lost.

Biking For HappySome things put me in perilous situations.  Or at the very least, perilous positions.

Sticks or Swords.  Done them both.

Sticks or Swords. Done them both.

It's Downward Alright.

It’s Downward Alright.

Yes, It Hurt.

Yes, It Hurt.

There's No Up in my Chin Up.

There’s No Up in my Chin Up.

At Least It Didn't Hit Back

At Least It Didn’t Hit Back

Some Things Seemed Easier.   Until the next day.

Some Things Seemed Easier.
Until the next day.

The Looks Of Some Things Were Deceptive. Much Better Than It Appears

The Looks Of Some Things Were Deceptive.
Much Better Than It Appears

I Used To Do It.

I Used To Do It.

No matter what has come and gone in my constant quest of physical well being.  For my health.  For my strength.  There is one thing I can always count on.    And it alone will ensure an eternal need for me to keep a constant quest.

Some Things I Do Very Well.    Much Practice Makes Perfect.

Some Things I Do Very Well.
Much Practice Makes Perfect.

45 thoughts on “Constant Quest

  1. Okay, not only am I impressed by your fitness efforts, but I’m also REALLY impressed by your ability to draw each one. How fun, Colleen! I need to follow your good example–in SO many ways!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  2. You are very versatile, Chatter Master. You are to be commended!

    (ps The A after 0442 is redundant… LOL. And I won’t say anything about the two splashes of red and on green since Po said he liked it…!)


  3. ah, the constant quest, Colleen, I’ve tried a few of the above, (funny and fantastic drawings as usuall) The exercise bike was an eye opener, Whew!! Did I sweat? Oh Yes!! but watching a TV programme about the best way to keep fit meant all I’d done was lose moisture, and a drink afterwards put it all back.. sheeesh!! I shall keep to walking, fast walking sometimes, mayhap try and leave my (unfit) self behind? 😉 xPenx


    • Thank you 🙂 !

      The exercise bike was actually key to me getting in much better shape. It was the discipline. And the graduation to biking outdoors. But when I walk or hike…it is DEFINITELY a different set of muscles and energy.

      I wouldn’t mind leaving a little bit o’ myself behind as well!



  4. Colleen, Yes Yes Yes, I get it. While I have not attempted as many endeavors to gain control over body, belly, and health, I have always managed my consumption. For years I have been on the C food diet. If I can see it, I can eat it. Take care, Bill


  5. You did kendo and fenced? And yoga…that is awesome!! I understand the quest, and am getting back on that as I am settling in. Getting up early though, hat tip to you again, getting up early is not a strong suit for me.


    • Niaaeryn, it wasn’t Kendo or Fencing, but branching out in my TKD world. We did study some on our own for the stick fighting and swords (never real) fighting. We liked the challenge and I have to say if I had started at a much younger age I think the stick fighting would have been a long time love affair.

      I used to love staying up late. I still do love that, but can’t. Alas…..gotta earn that paycheck! 😉


  6. You have an adventurous approach to maintaining well-being and you are an inspiration! I get up very early because my work day starts early. But I think when I retire I may never set an alarm clock again. I wonder if I’ll wake up as early now that the habit is formed. 🙂 Have a good week, Colleen. I am sure you will!


    • I hope to some day never set the alarm either. And I hope my system gets me up early. I am starting to (after a couple of decades) appreciate the value of a morning where the rest of the world is still not quite awake. It’s so peaceful and hopeful. 🙂


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