I Know This Much About Living

I don’t want to live my life

In any way that leaves me-

To die alone.

I don’t know much-

In regards to all that there is to learn of this world.

In that regard-

I know-

I know very little.

But I know this much about living:

To live a life

And be alone at the end

Is no way to live.

Or die.


How do we exist in a world of over 7 Billion human beings.  And any one of us die without a friend or family member who cares.  How does that happen?  I’ve seen it before.  I saw it today.  I know I’ll see it again.  Thank you to the people who have the “no one dies alone” policy.  Some days ‘work’ is more than ‘work’.  It’s sad.  It’s real.  It reminds me over and over again.  Life is not the same for us all.  And neither is death.