I Call Her Plushy

There’s a little girl in my world who I call Plushy.  There are reasons for this.  Not so much any more.  But there was a day when she was fully plushy.  Now she’s grown in to some of that Plushyness.  But still.   It’s a great name.

Here, let me introduce you.  World, meet Plushy.  Plushy, meet the world……

Little Red Plushy

The reason I’m introducing you to Plushy is because it’s her Grandma’s birthday today.   Her grandma had hoped to get a likeness of her, and the rest of her family,  in the style of my blogheads.

Here’s the thing about Plushy.   She is extremely bashful.  So forgive her having her back to you.   If she was facing you she would have her eyes closed.  Since she was very little she believed closing her eyes made her invisible to you.   Or so that is what I assume.  So at least this way her eyes are open.   Trust me.

Plushy has a little sister.  Little sister is called “Babby”.   Not quite able to say baby, perhaps?  But they call her Babby.  And I think it’s adorable.

Plushy and Babby

They are very close.  Though very, very young they have formed an incredible bond.  The other day they had to be apart.  And each child, in separate locations cried for the “Sister”.    That’s pretty cute.

And amazingly wonderful.

Plushy and Babby’s mom is a giant of a woman.

A Giant Of A Woman

Until you stand her next to her giant of a husband.

Giant Of A Husband

Then you see her physical self is pretty tiny.   Which does not diminish the giant size of her in my eyes.

Giant Couple

I bet your wondering where the children get their red hair….

So there you have it.   Plushy, Babby, Red and Pookie.   And in case you’re wondering, “Pookie” is the man/husband/father.  True story.

The most wonderful thing about this family that I love, adore, cherish and never get enough of….is their humor.  Their laughter.  Their joy in one another.

I wish I could share that with you.   But I have to be a little selfish and keep it to myself.

But I’m sharing them with you in this manner, to tell that old grandma happy birthday today.  It’s a gift she asked for.

And if you don’t mind….could I ask you a favor?   Little Plushy, that you just met?   She’s sick.  She’s lovely.  She’s loved.  She’s beautiful.  She’s so little.    If you could think a good thought for her today?  Pray if you believe in prayer (we do).  And if you go about your day and see a little red haired child amongst a red haired family….could you think of her and send her a smile and maybe toss up in to the winds a “hey Plushy! We’re behind you!!!” kind of thought?    I would be forever thankful.   It’s just nice to think that out there….in the great big world-my little world may mix with your little world.  Even for a moment.  And we’re connected.

Thanks for taking the time to meet Plushy and her family.  I love them very much.