I Like It Here

I’ve got no complaints today.  This is a simple post.  Based on simple truths.  Based on simple gratitudes.  There’s no grandstand here.  There’s no hidden joke, no hidden agenda.  Yet it is full.  Complete.  And to me, everything I need.  Some things matter.  Without them, nothing seems to matter.

The good Lord saw fit to wake me up.   Give me energy to ride my bike.   Go to work.  Which means I have a job.   Put in  a good and busy day at work.   He guided me safely home to put in another work out.  Then I went outside and spent the rest of the afternoon doing whatever I wanted.   Which means I have a home.  I ate when I was hungry.   I sat in a comfortable chair when I was weary.  I have needs and wants met.

I can speak to my children and tell them I love them.   And tell them good night.  I can love on my great babies and take comfort from their littleness.

I’ve got a friend by my side.   He lives to make my life better.

I can reach out to family.  To friends.  In time of need.  Time of loneliness.  Any time I want to.

And I have faith.

Now I prepare to lie down to sleep.

I hope the Lord wakes me up again tomorrow.   I like it here.  I simply and gratefully love it here.