I Like It Here

I’ve got no complaints today.  This is a simple post.  Based on simple truths.  Based on simple gratitudes.  There’s no grandstand here.  There’s no hidden joke, no hidden agenda.  Yet it is full.  Complete.  And to me, everything I need.  Some things matter.  Without them, nothing seems to matter.

The good Lord saw fit to wake me up.   Give me energy to ride my bike.   Go to work.  Which means I have a job.   Put in  a good and busy day at work.   He guided me safely home to put in another work out.  Then I went outside and spent the rest of the afternoon doing whatever I wanted.   Which means I have a home.  I ate when I was hungry.   I sat in a comfortable chair when I was weary.  I have needs and wants met.

I can speak to my children and tell them I love them.   And tell them good night.  I can love on my great babies and take comfort from their littleness.

I’ve got a friend by my side.   He lives to make my life better.

I can reach out to family.  To friends.  In time of need.  Time of loneliness.  Any time I want to.

And I have faith.

Now I prepare to lie down to sleep.

I hope the Lord wakes me up again tomorrow.   I like it here.  I simply and gratefully love it here.

31 thoughts on “I Like It Here

  1. It’s a lovely place to be Colleen, and we all have so much to be thankful for… we just sometimes forget to stop, take stock and smile… Many thanks for making me do so.. xPenx


  2. Colleen, This is a wonderful piece. I to am grateful each morning when I wake and roll out of bed. That alone is reason to be thankful. Then add the daily bonus’s of friends, food, family, work, and a home to live in, yes we have every right to be very very grateful. Like you I am just as grateful. Take care, Bill — I like it here too.


  3. I needed to read this today, especially as I try to teach grouchy students suffering from senioritis. Even though my students are making me crazy, I have lots to be thankful for today.


  4. Colleen, I like it here to … both in your world and my own. You know that I can’t comment on the rest … but I’m so happy that the Lord let you wake up day after day … because if he doesn’t – I don’t dare to think.


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