The Greatest Faith

A child in earnest prayer-

Whether it’s a prayer for a new toy or ice cream for dinner.

Or prayer for world peace and happiness.

Or a prayer to help mommy and daddy.

Is faith unquestioned.

The greatest faith,

Is those who believe,

Without being told they must.

Child In Prayer

I find comfort and hope in the faith of the little ones.

22 thoughts on “The Greatest Faith

        • πŸ™‚ I just might have to do that some time! I know my husband would be THRILLED! I’m okay. Just some sad moments. And being sad makes me contemplative. Fortunately I can be aware of the things that I am grateful for and bring myself back up. Thank you for caring Jaded. πŸ™‚


  1. Colleen, Soft smile, this is just so so sweet, and so true, I have seen my granddaughter in prayer when she thought she was alone, It almost broke my heart it was so so sincere. What we can learn from our little ones. Take care, Bill


    • How beautiful Bill. My sister in law told me once about coming upon her daughter praying in their kitchen. It touched me so deeply…. I think of that often. What an incredible image…to have your child praying on their own.


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