22 thoughts on “Daughter’s Love

  1. This is one of those moments, when you just have to ‘sigh’ reading the words. Then tears came as I read Marks comment. R.I.P Colleens dad, you should be extremely proud of your daughter, she has a beautiful soul. x


    • Oh Jen. Thank you. This is my son in law with 2 of my grands. πŸ™‚ I remember my dad taking us to a father daughter event at a local club. And it was so nice. I know these little ones will remember these things with their dad. πŸ™‚


          • I wouldn’t dare to have earphones on when I’m on bike, but I’m only an amateur. I need to hear the traffic, but I guess that you’re more of main road biking. Before I had music in my ear all the time, but I think I got problems from it – so I only have it when travelling for a longer period. But it’s a fantastic company and it makes things so much easier.


            • I don’t care for main road riding any more. People are not nice to people on bikes. I prefer trails made for biking. If I’m on a road I would only wear the ear bud in one ear. On the trail I can sing with my music. πŸ˜‰


              • Over here there is more space for bikes than pedestrians and bikes are not very friendly neither – very rude to us that walks and even cars, they have their own laws and rules in the traffic.
                Denmark they are so friendly .. and thoughtful.


                • I have seen rude bikers for sure Viveka. It’s not the mode of transportation that makes us mean. On our feet, on our bikes, in our cars….we have the ability to be unfriendly. But I promise if I come across you on foot while I am riding my bike….I will stop and walk beside you. πŸ™‚


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