I’ve Not Heard That Before

I’ve lived my entire life without hearing many things.

I’ve never been told:

“Congratulations!!!!  You are a father!”

“We would like to inform you that you won an all paid for expense trip to Ireland/Japan/Australia/Sweden/Scotland/Cleveland!!”   (Or any highly acclaimed location I would love to visit.)


“And the Academy Award goes to…….Chatter Master!”

Some things I don’t ever expect to hear.   As a matter of fact I am one hundred percent positive I will never hear at least one of those.  The others, who knows.  Lovely things in life do happen.

And after today I do believe in the beauty of unexpected surprises.

At the dentist office today a dental technician was taking an x-ray and she said:

“Oh my you have the tiniest little mouth don’t you!”

It made me laugh when I needed a laugh.  And gave me a professional statement that I can retaliate with if anyone ever calls me a “big mouth”.

It truly is the little things in life.

And guess who was my  favorite today?

34 thoughts on “I’ve Not Heard That Before

  1. Colleen, I would never expect you to be accused of having a big mouth, a big heart for sure, a big smile and wonderful smile, absolutely! Personally I would think of all the professions, dental techs would rank real high on their list of favorites patients, those with big mouths, it would just seem so much easier to work in a big mouth LOL LOL, I know I have never been to a dentist that told me I had a small mouth, but then I know, I am a big mouth. Sweetie I do apologize for raining on your wonderful parade. I have seen your smile, big or small mouth, it is a warm and engaging smile, and it puts folks at peace. I hope my big mouth doesn’t get me into too much trouble. Please take care, Bill


    • Your big mouth certainly will NOT get you in trouble Bill! 🙂 I always thought my mouth must have been HUGE for two people to be able to work with equipment in there! 😉 And I adore being called kind nicknames from beautiful men. 😉


  2. OMG, this is hilarious! Not only do you include Cleveland in your list of exotic locations but you connect the tiny-mouth fact to being reminded you are THE CHATTER MASTER! That last part cracks me, as I’m one of those folks who, indeed, has a tiny mouth and has been told that in a dentist’s office. Hilarious, Colleen!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  3. Colleen, I guess that there isn’t many of us that got a compliment about having a tiny mouth – you could be the only one in the world. *smile
    One thing is for sure .. nobody will ever say that to me. *smile


  4. 😀 That was a nice comment! My dental tech told me I was long in the tooth. Not funny. She shouldn’t have really said that with her fingers in my mouth, they almost received a little “nibble”.


  5. Just think of the money you can save on Listerine in your lifetime, Colleen!

    Your mouth is big enough as long as the hygienist can fit her little picky thing in there for your teeth cleaning.

    And your heart and your brains are bigger than most, so you win on all accounts.


  6. Say ‘AAAAh’ … my oh my, Colleen, when I’m in the dentist chair I’m so petrified what’s coming I would’ve stared dumbfounded at that comment… and then said, very carefully, what about my teeth? 🙂 xPenx


    • 🙂 I have been so excited at the dentist where there is NOTHING wrong that I almost hate to ask questions! Telling me I had a little mouth was by far better than “well we need another appointment…..” 😉


  7. I’m laughing out loud with you! This brought to mind the time, not all that long ago, when getting a pedicure, my manicurist said, “You have such nice substantial toes.” Substantial? Is that fat? Words and descriptions can be a little unsettling. Thanks for the smile, Colleen.


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