I’ve Seen The Devil

I’ve seen the devil.  He, and she, can be our neighbor.  He sometimes poses as a friend.  Sadly, he  can even  be a family member.    He has the ability to invade the most sacred of people.   He causes pain and suffering that is hard to see in others, let alone bare within ourselves.  We see the mark of his hard hitting anger and hate.  It is left as a hand print on a small child, an elderly patron, or any one of us waking up to face our daily lives.  He lives in the drug, the drug maker, the drug seller.   He resides in the angry boss, the controlling spouse, the abusive parent.    He resides in the moments we give up to him with hate or scorn.   We open the door, and he walks right in.  He can overwhelm and over power the best of any of us.

I’ve seen the hero.  And He is Love.  He, and she, is the voice of our friends.   Our neighbors.  The voice of the sibling.  The parent.  The grandparent.  The voice of the stranger.  The voice that says “I love you”.   The voice that says “I will help you”.   The voice that says “I am here” even when you feel alone.   You can hear Him in the teacher who says “I know you can do this”.  The co-worker who says “I will help you”.   You can see the Hero in the community who gathers together to feed, to weep, to help.  The Hero is the one who stands up to the devil, and bravery isn’t needed as much as love is.

There are moments in my life when I am so full of hate towards the devils I see, that I open my own door to the devil, and nearly invite him in.   I won’t win against him with my own hate.   I can only beat him with love.    I have to love him to death, because it is the only thing that will kill him.

Every day I see the result of his work.   Injured children.  Children left alone.   Elderly with no food, no heat, no one to talk to.  People scared of being alone.  People scared of being with someone, anyone, else.   Friends and family who fall out and don’t even know why.

But every day, every single day of my life, I have seen the grace and dignity of people who will not give up.  People who spread their love, knowing the only way to recoup any love is to give it away.  Every time I see the face of hate, I am sure to find myself surrounded by faces of love.  I have seen those who did not have the strength to reach out or stand up, be helped up by someone else who had the love to kneel down with them, and assist them.

I’ve seen the devil.  I cry over what the devil has done, what he is capable of.  But I have the gift of faith.   Faith in me, faith in you, faith in the strength of love.   I’m tired of wasting precious life moments looking in the face of the devil.   I don’t ever want to see him again.

43 thoughts on “I’ve Seen The Devil

  1. You are the one with grace and dignity, Chatter Master. Attacking the hate with love is a great strategy. And yes, you see the effects of hate daily. I wish the media would stop pouncing on these ugly things and focus instead on positive things as you wisely recommend.


    • Thank you Koji. I am fortunate to be surrounded by others who do good works, kind deeds, and believe in positive. I hope I can continue to do this…..even when faced with difficulties placed on us by others. That is truly a test.


  2. Beautiful. 🙂 One of my favorite quotes is by Martin Luther King Jr. — “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 🙂


  3. Such misery and sadness you witness on a daily basis. It takes a special person to combat this continually, to witness the devil and to remain strong and empathetic. You are amazing and doing amazing work. Those around you are grateful for your kind spirit, for your dedication to help those who suffer and you should be very proud. A touching and insightful post Colleen. xx


    • Thank you Jen. I don’t always feel so positive. It’s when I let that door open a crack and I think negative and want to throw my hands up in despair that I risk that evil permeating my own existence. I have to very diligently pay attention. And fight the good fight. This was part of me trying to stay strong and not allow myself to sink in to bitterness. And I have to keep this focus to stay determined to not let these horrible things I see bring me down.

      Thank you Jen. Very much.


  4. a great medicine and healer is faith, Colleen, combatting so much, and as your lovely/ painful/truthful descriptive blog pinponts so well. We choose whether or not to let this devil in. Best not to, methinks, just as you, 🙂 xPenx


  5. Colleen, What a wonderful post, and what a spot on truth. Colleen your words, your thoughts, your presence, all show that you too are a hero. Yes you are !! don’t even argue with me!!! You have fought your devils and you continue that battle. But even as you do, you still find time to be a hero for those around you. Take care and thank you Bill


  6. There are times I pretend there is no bad in our world. I ignore the news and pretend. I wish I had enough love to drive it all away, but I’m finding it hard to simply love. I have it in me…thanks for reminding me.


  7. I am often reminded that if I place too much of my attention on the devil then I give him the attention, and it comes away from the faith that sustains me. There is so much evil in this world, but small kindnesses let a little light into the cracks. It’s often very discouraging, Colleen. But keep on spreading that love. It’s definitely powerful.


    • Thank you Debra. You are SO very right. If I pay too much attention to the evil, to the bad, I am doing exactly what I don’t want. And only I can control that. It is the little things that have made such an incredible difference. A kind word I didn’t expect, a thank you for something I didn’t realize I had done that made someone else feel good, an unexpected gesture from others to cheer me/us. Amazing things happen every day….if we aren’t solely focused on that evil.


  8. The “devil” can come in so many shapes … I would like to call it “the evil” – and it has many faces too, but as you write here – evil has to be beaten by good.
    We don’t have to love the evil … but we shouldn’t turn the back to it neither.


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