The Christmas Tree Fiasco

I learned a long time ago that if I was getting a live Christmas tree I should not be the one going to get it.

One year the children and spouse went to get the tree.

I stayed home getting things ready.

The tree was brought in.

It was the tree from hell.

No matter what we did or how many times we reshaped the trunk it would not stand up or stay in the tree base.

I was sweating.

I was cussing.

And it had been a nightmare getting the tree in the house.  It was cut, shaped, turned, we even tried tying it up.

In one of my finer moments of life with children….  I decided that damn tree had to go.   I think the kids were a little scared when I told them to open the doors.

From the living room, through the dining room, through the kitchen, and out the hallway to the outside door there were two doors.   I told them to get those doors open.  And to get out of the way.

I stood with the massive tree in front of me.  I wrapped my arms around it and picked it up.  I had to keep it vertical.   This wasn’t going to be any cartoon where I tried to get the tree out by holding it horizontal.  This was a one shot deal.

The kids went out on the deck and I yelled “HERE I COME!”

I started running that massive tree through the house.   Branches scratching everything as I ran through every room out to the deck and threw that evergreen tree airborne to the ground below.

THAT felt good.   Very good.

I turned around with a smile on my face.  The kids were smiling.

Troubles were done.

I love that moment.

36 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree Fiasco

  1. I can picture you, running full bore through the house with this tree. Determined little thing you are, this made me smile and yes somethings just don’t ‘fit’ – well done for executing the tree removal manoeuvre. x


  2. I wonder, if we put our minds to it, could we do that with all our troubles Colleen, wrestle them, and then throw them outside.., ‘Twould be a great feeling… to see them flying high and far away… Loved the sharing and could just imagine the childrens wide smiles…. Happy Easter Wishes to you and yours. xPenx..


    • xPenx, I would love to give your suggestion a try. Even if I have to figuratively wrestle my troubles in a physical manner and toss them away. It sounds like a good idea to me.

      Happy Easter xPenx.


  3. Great story, Colleen! Suppose that’s why you now build your own tree–from wood. You know, I’ve wanted to build my own, ever since you posted photos of yours a year or two back. Happy Easter, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  4. Colleen, Sometimes the best shows are at home, and there are no tickets for general public. But damn would I have loved to have stood in the corner and watch this. I see you going thru all the stages, I can see the pressure mounting, I can ignition, and the launch would have been fantastic. Oh to have been a spectator, cheering you on as you grabbed up the tree and raced to your launching point. That explosion must have been the culmination of hour’s frustration and seconds of joy, and purely worth every moment. Take care, Bill


    • Ha! I wonder if my kids even remember it. I will see them today and ask them. In my head it was such a funny moment. I didn’t care what damage I did to the house, I was done with that tree. I wonder now how many shows I gave my kids….. 😉


      • Colleen, I suspect in years to come when one of your lovely children is writing their own blog. This story will be retold but from a different perspective. Or maybe you will be challenged by one of your kids when you retell the story for 27th time with the following statement, “but Mom that’s not how I remember it.” To which you should immediately reply because we aren’t talking about your memory. Something to consider, take care, Bill


        • Ha! I forgot to ask them. usually if they read my blog they will tell me something about it. I don’t think either of them saw this one. I’ll have to check and see what they do remember of it. 🙂


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