He Was A Man

Whether you believe in who the man was, or not.   There was a man.  His name was Jesus.  He lived a life.  An exemplary life by all records.

People hated him.

And he died because of that.

A Man Named Jesus

He was good.  He extolled the goodness of love.   And we killed him.

What have we learned in the last 2ooo years.

What goodness in the world,

Is still mocked.

With or without faith.

Can we be as altruistic-

As a man named Jesus.

32 thoughts on “He Was A Man

  1. Love your concise writing style and how that allows you to get to the heart of what you’re saying without excess words. You were right on time with publishing this post too. (:


  2. Colleen, I like the way you have written … but the rest I can’t comment on.
    All I want to say that there is people dying every day … for people they love .. sometimes for people they don’t even know.


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