Look Up

Yesterday I went for a hike with a friend.   She wanted to hike in a particular place  because there is an eagle’s nest in the heavily wooded park we go to on work nights.    I had hiked here quite a few times and had not seen the eagle’s nest.   Or the eagles for that matter.

We hiked in the short distance and as we entered the clearing….she pointed up.   There, on the other side of the clearing was the eagle’s next.  A massive nest.   And above it, perched ever so regally, was an eagle.

We walked about midway in to the clearing and sat on the ground.

And spent the next twenty minutes or so looking up.

When was the last time you spent twenty minutes looking up.

To the sky.

To the stars or the clouds.

To the tree tops.

To an eagle’s nest.

Years ago my grandmother made every effort to get me to look up.   She sat perched in her chair by the kitchen window.  Looking out from her perch above the path we all walked to go home from school.   “Up” their driveway, through their backyard, in to our back yard, passing between the garage and the fence that surrounded our pool.   Up the back steps and in to the house.   Passing under her gaze she would startle me with a “look up Colleen!  Stop looking down!  Look up at the sun!”   I would lift my head and dutifully look up, until I forgot, and didn’t pay attention to where I was looking.   It was a repeated cycle.   I get her message loud and clear now.   Much better than I did then.

It was only twenty minutes out of a 24 hour long day.

But it was quite possibly the part of the day that made me a little bit better for having spent it well.

Eagle and Her Nest