Bubba’s A Nurse

Dad always told her she should be a nurse.

She always said she wanted to be a nurse.

Life took her down some  other paths.  You know how that happens.  You finish school.  Get a job.  Meet a guy.  Get married.  Have babies.  You work to support what you already have.   Life turns you in to an adult.  Your children grow.  Your children begin lives of their own.  You are a full fledged adult.  Some may think you’re past changing your course or going after dreams.   You don’t have time to consider getting what you want.

Then one day it dawns on you.

The only time you have to make it happen.

Is now.

You work a full time job.  You go to school full time.  You give up a lot.  To get something you always wanted.   You’re tired.  You’re asocial.  You’re OCD about your homework and your grades.  Because who wants the nurse who only got a D on the very thing you want her to give you comfort and care for?

Today there is no more shoulda/woulda/coulda-s.


Bubba is a nurse.


On creating.  Making. Living.

Your dream.

It is your courage that made this dream come true.

Bubba's A Nurse!

And both parents were there to watch.


In person.

In spirit.


Nurse Pinning

Happy living the dream Bubba!