Every Day I Look At You

When I look at you I see

All that I once thought I could be.

One Heart

When I look at your beautiful face

I see the hundreds of lives you will grace.

Two Heart

When I look at you today

Good works, great deeds, and love for you I pray.

Three Heart

When I see the littleness of you

I have hope for all that you will do.

Fourth Heart

When I look at you I see

Your distant future without me.


And it’s okay to know

As long as I get to see you grow.

Be strong, be happy, be beautiful

In who you are what you do.


29 thoughts on “Every Day I Look At You

    • I hope so Tric. I think of these things. Their future so far ahead that there is no way I will be a part of. I plan on being here for as long as possible. But there will be a day when I’m not. And I want to make sure that whatever I leave with them….is positive and powerfully created with love. 🙂


  1. Coilleen, I can always count on you to put a smile on my lips, and lift my spirits. I wish I had those words 25+ years ago when I looked down on my daughter and mumbled something not nearly as beautiful as this. Take care, Bill


  2. Aw that is beautiful. I love the interaction of the pictures with the words, but above all the message. Making me tear up a bit. 🙂


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