I’ve Seen Lonely Before

I’ve met and talked with many people who have expressed loneliness.  Isolation.  Sadness at being alone.   People who through life choices have created this void in their world.  A void that they didn’t think they could fill any longer.  And burnt bridges they didn’t think they could rebuild.   Others have lived very long lives and outlived family and friends.   I can’t imagine the loneliness one would feel when all of the people who came before them died, and then they lost everyone who came in to their lives later, including children, spouse(s) and friends.

Today I felt loneliness pouring out of someone I had never met, I still haven’t met.   Someone I’ll never meet.   I’ve only talked with this person.  One time.  On the phone.   It wasn’t a lengthy conversation.  But it was the only conversation this person had had with anyone in a very long time.

It was so sad I didn’t want to hang up.  I asked questions.  Questions I didn’t need answers to.  Questions that had nothing to do with anything other than thinking of someone just wanting to be heard.  I just couldn’t make it last any longer.  In the short conversation I was informed there was no family, no friends, illness was taking it’s toll.  There was no one but the barber to talk to.  I offered suggestions of where to reach out to.

When we said goodbye I was told “if you ever need anyone to talk to, please ……call me”.

I’ve seen lonely before.

Today….when I heard it…..it shook me up.