I’ve Seen Lonely Before

I’ve met and talked with many people who have expressed loneliness.  Isolation.  Sadness at being alone.   People who through life choices have created this void in their world.  A void that they didn’t think they could fill any longer.  And burnt bridges they didn’t think they could rebuild.   Others have lived very long lives and outlived family and friends.   I can’t imagine the loneliness one would feel when all of the people who came before them died, and then they lost everyone who came in to their lives later, including children, spouse(s) and friends.

Today I felt loneliness pouring out of someone I had never met, I still haven’t met.   Someone I’ll never meet.   I’ve only talked with this person.  One time.  On the phone.   It wasn’t a lengthy conversation.  But it was the only conversation this person had had with anyone in a very long time.

It was so sad I didn’t want to hang up.  I asked questions.  Questions I didn’t need answers to.  Questions that had nothing to do with anything other than thinking of someone just wanting to be heard.  I just couldn’t make it last any longer.  In the short conversation I was informed there was no family, no friends, illness was taking it’s toll.  There was no one but the barber to talk to.  I offered suggestions of where to reach out to.

When we said goodbye I was told “if you ever need anyone to talk to, please ……call me”.

I’ve seen lonely before.

Today….when I heard it…..it shook me up.

53 thoughts on “I’ve Seen Lonely Before

  1. A fine text Chatter. There are some very lonely people in the world. It is possible to feel lonely surrounded by people. Depression has a lot to do with this… I wonder which came first with these lonely souls who may never feel a human touch again. How wonderful it would be if people could reach out.


  2. You have such feeling for those in need, to have asked questions, given of your time to listen to him, I am sure would have brought him much joy. You are a beautiful person and the world is a better place because of it. ❤ xx


  3. it’s really nice that you remembered it, not simply brushing it off
    I think that it’s pretty easy to look at adverts for depression and the like while aiming our..oh it’s something THOSE people have or that THOSE people need

    completely missing or ignoring or being ignorant of the person right next door needing like that, maybe even right beside you on the sofa…

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  4. It really does get to you. Not sure if you remember a post I did a while ago about the homeless vet I met? Your post reminded me of him. Bless his sweet soul, all he needed was someone to touch him, literally, and it changed his life. Too many people out there are alone and it is so sad. If only we could connect them up with each other. You’ve a good heart, Colleen.

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  5. Colleen, This is yet another example of the goodness in you, it shows your inner wisdom, and your inner strength. I shows us your readers, the foundation by which so many of your words begin their lives. Your compassion shows, your need to help shows, your true heart shows, and that is why we all call you friend, that is why we seek comfort in and thru you. Take care Bill


    • I hope I am a small fraction of the goodness you feel I am Bill. 🙂 I am often stunned at the impact of feeling I have for the people and their situations I come across. They stick with me.

      Thank you for your faith in me Bill.


  6. I like the way you showed you cared by listening. This is a powerful thing that people can do, which you did for the person who was lonely. It is not often that one practices this, you are a rare, caring and supportive human being, Colleen!


    • Oh I don’t know how rare I am Robin. 🙂 But thank you for thinking so! I’ve been very lucky to have people hear me. And though I’ve messed up and not heard things said to me before….I’m learning. And it does make such a huge difference, doesn’t it? Thank you for all of your kind, thoughtful and dear feedback. I really appreciate it!


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