Loved By Me

I try to focus every day

On a moment to capture.

Something said.

Something done.

Something achieved.

Something learned.

Something shared.

Something loved.

Often my moments

Have nothing to do with me

Or anything I’ve done

Some days

Most days for sure

It’s not me at all.

My moment is a friend.

A loved one.

A word or song.

A thought shared to cheer.

An idea shared to encourage.

A hug.

A kiss.

A quiet moment.

A musical moment.

A moment to see an eagle soar.

To See An Eagle Soar

My best moments-

Are not about me at all.

But loved by me.

29 thoughts on “Loved By Me

  1. Your posts are often a special moment in my day. You make me smile, laugh and also shed a few tears. God Bless you, Colleen:)


  2. Colleen, you’re such a poet to heart and soul – your softness .. and your gentle touches on life – are so beautiful … I so agree with you on this one. Doesn’t matter what our moments gives us … so long as we embrace them the best we can, because some of them can be very hard to accept and deal with.


    • “Embrace them the best we can”. We do have that kind of control in our lives for sure Viveka. I try to stay focused on that. Though I know it’s not always easy. We all slip every once in a while. 😉


    • Thank you Debra. I’d rather have a life full of constant little things than be waiting around for just that one big thing…… 🙂 It’s healthier and happier like this.


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