The Gift Of Giving

On Sunday my very young grandson was extremely excited to give me something.   I don’t know that he’s even capable of knowing what it was he was giving me.  But his excitement at handing me something from his pudgy little hand was obvious.   His smile when he handed me his hand made gift and flower was his finalizing  action.   He gave, he loved it, he did it, it made me happy.   That, was what he was hoping for.

I think we are born with an innate desire to give.  To please.  To create good emotions in others.  We see it in the youngest of us.

We don’t always see it in the older of us.  Where does it go?  Our desire to give and to please?  I have hesitated in giving, lest it leave me without.   Or less than I felt comfortable with.   Of course we don’t always hesitate, or refuse to give.  And there’s certainly nothing wrong with ‘having’.

I just notice the freedom in a child’s heart and desire.  To please.   To see the joy they create in others.

Somewhere along the way we lose, or redesign our willingness to give freely.  We put much thought in to it.  We are careful.   Or we ignore it all together.

I wonder how much brilliance we are born with that we allow ourselves to grow out of.   And can we relearn it.  This gift of giving.

A Gift To Give