The Gift Of Giving

On Sunday my very young grandson was extremely excited to give me something.   I don’t know that he’s even capable of knowing what it was he was giving me.  But his excitement at handing me something from his pudgy little hand was obvious.   His smile when he handed me his hand made gift and flower was his finalizing  action.   He gave, he loved it, he did it, it made me happy.   That, was what he was hoping for.

I think we are born with an innate desire to give.  To please.  To create good emotions in others.  We see it in the youngest of us.

We don’t always see it in the older of us.  Where does it go?  Our desire to give and to please?  I have hesitated in giving, lest it leave me without.   Or less than I felt comfortable with.   Of course we don’t always hesitate, or refuse to give.  And there’s certainly nothing wrong with ‘having’.

I just notice the freedom in a child’s heart and desire.  To please.   To see the joy they create in others.

Somewhere along the way we lose, or redesign our willingness to give freely.  We put much thought in to it.  We are careful.   Or we ignore it all together.

I wonder how much brilliance we are born with that we allow ourselves to grow out of.   And can we relearn it.  This gift of giving.

A Gift To Give

53 thoughts on “The Gift Of Giving

  1. I have also wondered this! I remember watching my little nephew (oh my… he is 13 now…) give my sister in law/me/My Mom little flowers when he was about that age. It made him so happy and I knew it was not a learned behavior but something sincere and innate. I do wonder why it fades away.


    • I bet it is something we could study and discover. But I think we all know….growing up beats the child right out of us. 😦

      They sure are beautiful….children with their willingness to be so loving. 🙂


  2. Everyone should keep the little kid inside them alive. This is the route to innate happiness. The capability to wonder, to query and to smile! It’s rightly said that you can’t fool a child and an animal, they can always tell good from bad..


  3. Colleen, Clearly you have an abundance of the willingness, need, desire, and brillance to give, because you do so daily in your words. You share warmth and love, glee and tenderness, and you do so with the heart and smile of a child. And each day I gladly accept that wonderful gift Thank you Colleen. Take care, BilI


  4. Food for thought as they say. I know I do love giving, how many of us as adults, have that buzz, that air of excitement when giving. You give freely of your thoughts, wisdom, love and you have not lost the gift of giving at all. x


  5. I think that’s why we use the word “hard” so much to explain the process of living, Colleen. Live is hard. We become hardened. Lessons are hard. We lose the softness that was special from the start. Nice story about the grand, the giggle and the notion of giving.


  6. I enjoyed how you described your adorable grandson, his eagerness to give and even the details of his little pudgy hands really caught my heart, Colleen! Children are givers, lovers and know no boundaries. They would help out someone of another race or religion, they would joyfully build castles in the sand with them. They are incredible! Life, society and different things take away some of their innocence. Sad, but true. I have hope we can re-capture it and be excited to share and give again, as adults! Watching children play together is so much fun, wish the world could take some lessons on this! Smiles, Robin


    • I never tire of the little ones Robin. 🙂 And the amazing thing is that I recognize these lessons in myself. When I see how they interact and love and give and accept I can’t help but look at myself. And see how I am not.


  7. Grandchildren have such open hearts, as do most children I suspect, but sometimes it takes a grandchild to really show us that and help us open our own because with our own children we have to be the boss at times. I just (seriously JUST) read an article about compassion and giving, and there was some mention of a scientific study about how giving makes us feel good and improves our health, and that we are geared to do it (which is why we feel good when we do!). I wonder how it is this was forgotten. There’s a story in there somewhere… someone should write it. How We Lost Our Gift of Giving and How We Got it Back. 🙂


  8. The gift of giving is so natural for a child, because a child is not afraid of being misunderstood – a child is so simple and straight forward in it’s action. As an adult we are so concern about if giving will be the right thing .. giving is not about some special gift.
    I don’t think we are getting harder as we go pass life .. I think we think to much, instead of just doing things.


  9. I think the joy of giving can be relearned by those who have forgotten it. Not everyone, of course, just the lucky ones. Redemption can be wonderful.


  10. The innocence of a child–how beautiful. Then we learn to cover our hearts with one of those type of shells that covers the chocolate of the M&Ms. It takes certain people to teach us how those shells can melt in our hands. Ha! How astute was that? 😀


  11. I see your point and agree. Where has it gone? Is it from society has it has become groomed? Is it from being hurt or unappreciated several times? Is it from the ugly amount of taxes we have taken out or pay? Good question – although I give as much as I can to deserving people, it can never be enough.


    • I guess it’s all of our learning and experiences over our years Koji. But some things we already knew.

      I’m with you , I can’t give near enough to people/things I want to give to.


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