No Stone

I’ve been told it’s time to go out and turn over a new stone.  I like rocks and stones.  And I was pretty pleased with the way they had been laying.   I didn’t really have a desire to go out and roll over stones because someone else thought it was a good idea.  But there are a bunch of stones.  Maybe there’s something I don’t know about this turning stones over thing.   So I went outside to look for this new stone.  Walking right past and avoiding all of the old stones. It took some looking -but I found a new stone.

I turned it over.

All I found was moist dirt under it.   Dark.  Moist dirt.

But apparently this is something.  Why else would I be told to turn over a new stone?

What do you do with moist, dark, dirt?

I planted a seed.

From the seed grew a thought.

A picture, a vision,  blossomed from the growing thought.

A plan spread out and leafed from the thought.

Action was taken in the shade of the plan.

And no stone will be left unturned while I build