No Stone

I’ve been told it’s time to go out and turn over a new stone.  I like rocks and stones.  And I was pretty pleased with the way they had been laying.   I didn’t really have a desire to go out and roll over stones because someone else thought it was a good idea.  But there are a bunch of stones.  Maybe there’s something I don’t know about this turning stones over thing.   So I went outside to look for this new stone.  Walking right past and avoiding all of the old stones. It took some looking -but I found a new stone.

I turned it over.

All I found was moist dirt under it.   Dark.  Moist dirt.

But apparently this is something.  Why else would I be told to turn over a new stone?

What do you do with moist, dark, dirt?

I planted a seed.

From the seed grew a thought.

A picture, a vision,  blossomed from the growing thought.

A plan spread out and leafed from the thought.

Action was taken in the shade of the plan.

And no stone will be left unturned while I build

41 thoughts on “No Stone

  1. If that doesn’t happen to be the right stone, Colleen, leave no stone unturned. I have been turning new stones lately, too. It’s a dirty path but some of us are pushed down it.


  2. Colleen, this is exactly why you have such beautiful thoughts to share with us each day, your turning stones and planting seeds. Love you, Bill


    • Thank you Bill. Much much MUCH love returned. I figure I must look and create, because it won’t be handed to me. But if I make it happen, maybe I can hand it on to someone else. 🙂


      • Colleen, This isn’t even a tiny bit of doubt about your ability to share and past this ability on, the one who receives it must have a heart shaped and full like yours. You can teach and share ability, but the heart has to be there. Take care, Bill


  3. Sometimes we are pushed into turning over the next stone. I hope that this all works out for you and yours. I think you have a positive attitude and that will help you to surmount any large boulders you run into, Colleen! Hugs, Robin


    • Thank you so much Robin. I have to admit this one knocked me sideways a bit. But I’m trying to get rebalanced. And stay positive. I have wonderful people who help. Even offering to help with those stones. 😉


  4. I love that you planted a seed after you turned the stone. Trees, plants, they just help when growing literally and figuratively. Lovely 🙂


  5. Turing over stones and planting seeds – what a fantastic illustration *smile
    Hopefully I have turned over stones too … but I can’t remember finding any dirt, but I have planted seeds. Wonderful post again.
    And it’s not a question of turning over every stone ..


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