Retro Coca-Cola Commercial

I never knew until tonight the story of my father proposing to my mother.

Before they were mom and dad they were Jim and Bonnie.

On St. Patrick’s Day in 1959 Bonnie put on a kelly green organza dress.  Made by her mom.  Jim picked up Bonnie in his black and red 1958 Mercury.   She loved that car.  She wishes she had that dress.  And that car.

Bonnie had been collecting Coca-Cola caps for the letters inside.  She was trying to spell out the winning word to cash in on the big prize.

Jim picked Bonnie up at her parent’s house.   He always came in to speak to her parents.

They left to go out to dinner.  Jim told her he had a Coca-Cola cap for her collection.  It was in the glove compartment.

She opened the glove box and picked up the cap.  It was lined with cork.  She peeled off the cork.

And there nestled in the cap was an engagement ring.

She was so excited she threw the cap and ring in the air.

I laughed through the story.  Seeing it.   Imagining it.  Loving it.

There are moments in our lives that are memorable and lovely even if they aren’t our moments.

And it would make a great retro Coca-Cola commercial.