Retro Coca-Cola Commercial

I never knew until tonight the story of my father proposing to my mother.

Before they were mom and dad they were Jim and Bonnie.

On St. Patrick’s Day in 1959 Bonnie put on a kelly green organza dress.  Made by her mom.  Jim picked up Bonnie in his black and red 1958 Mercury.   She loved that car.  She wishes she had that dress.  And that car.

Bonnie had been collecting Coca-Cola caps for the letters inside.  She was trying to spell out the winning word to cash in on the big prize.

Jim picked Bonnie up at her parent’s house.   He always came in to speak to her parents.

They left to go out to dinner.  Jim told her he had a Coca-Cola cap for her collection.  It was in the glove compartment.

She opened the glove box and picked up the cap.  It was lined with cork.  She peeled off the cork.

And there nestled in the cap was an engagement ring.

She was so excited she threw the cap and ring in the air.

I laughed through the story.  Seeing it.   Imagining it.  Loving it.

There are moments in our lives that are memorable and lovely even if they aren’t our moments.

And it would make a great retro Coca-Cola commercial.

61 thoughts on “Retro Coca-Cola Commercial

  1. And Bonnie says yes, and Jim parks the car so they can run in and tell her folks. The little kid from next door bends down and picks up the cap and the cork and yells, Bonnie, it’s the K! You win! And Bonnie says, oh, Ralphie, you keep it. I just won the prize of my life! Fade out, your mom and dad holding hands, Ralphie drinking from his bottle of Coca-Cola.

    I’m glad you got to hear your mom and dad’s engagement story, Colleen. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but add a twist of Hollywood on top for tomorrow’s commercial. Roll tape. All proceeds go to Colleen and Bonnie.


    • Awwwww Mark. How wonderful. 🙂 Let’s get Coca Cola involved. It starts out with me and mom sitting together and her telling me about it. We could do a flash back. 🙂 If I get proceeds I’m coming to Syracuse!!!! 🙂


      • Seriously, from that start right there with your mom telling you the story to the flashback to the little twist I cooked up last night and that would be one hell of a great TV commercial, Colleen. You should send Coca-Cola a heartfelt letter, Colleen Brown Chatter Mind style, and make some serious Chatter Change on it, my friend! 🙂


  2. Indeed!!!!! That would make a GREAT Coca-Cola commercial! And I vaguely remember something about looking under the bottle caps… And there was a plastic ring underneath them, too, to help seal.


  3. Colleen, Smililng, you did it again you made my day start with a smile. What a beautiful story. And it truly would have been the perfect commerical. Take care, Bill


  4. It’s hard to visualize our parents being silly romantics like we were. I loved the story. Now, I’ll spend the rest of the day with a silly grin, causing Tiger Mom to worry that I’m up to no good again.


      • Tiger Mom is my lovely Wife. She is the daughter of a Korean Aristocrat and is accustom to having her way. She is a force of motherly nature that is akin to a tigress with cubs afoot. She is also a 10th Degree Adjema and can crack the hardest adult child attitude with just a glare. 🙂


  5. How romantic:) Fun to think of your parents so young and in love! That would be a fabulous commercial!


  6. Wow, I totally agree .. it would make a great commercial – it’s better to throw the the ring up in the air – than swallow it *smile Lovely story – no wonder they was happy together.


  7. Oh, I think you may need to send this to the Coca Cola company! Such a creative way to propose and have this memory be very fun for the two of them! Nothing boring in this little treasured ‘nugget!’ Loved this, Colleen!


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