And The Other Seven

Mom told me something.   It’s not a great story in the scheme of all the stories in the world. It’s only a very little story about great moments in her and my father’s lives.  And those moments are out there.   Existing in eternity.  No matter the course of what happened after, these moments captured in this story are pulsating in the infinity of time continuum.  As long as they are remembered, they are.

I can’t expand on the size of the story or make it more than what it is.

It’s simplicity does not lessen it’s value.  Or it’s impact on my desire to know of  moments before me.  Or before my recollections.

In it’s simplicity is sweetness, sincerity and such depth I can envision it.   This happened for seven other people in my life, and myself.

After the birth of each of us eight children my father would bend down to my mother, kiss her, and say thank you.

To know that the first emotion expressed at the moment of your birth in to existence is gratitude….is something worth knowing.

  Thank you, mom and dad, for loving me in to being.

And being grateful for my existence.