And The Other Seven

Mom told me something.   It’s not a great story in the scheme of all the stories in the world. It’s only a very little story about great moments in her and my father’s lives.  And those moments are out there.   Existing in eternity.  No matter the course of what happened after, these moments captured in this story are pulsating in the infinity of time continuum.  As long as they are remembered, they are.

I can’t expand on the size of the story or make it more than what it is.

It’s simplicity does not lessen it’s value.  Or it’s impact on my desire to know of  moments before me.  Or before my recollections.

In it’s simplicity is sweetness, sincerity and such depth I can envision it.   This happened for seven other people in my life, and myself.

After the birth of each of us eight children my father would bend down to my mother, kiss her, and say thank you.

To know that the first emotion expressed at the moment of your birth in to existence is gratitude….is something worth knowing.

  Thank you, mom and dad, for loving me in to being.

And being grateful for my existence.

47 thoughts on “And The Other Seven

  1. Oh, I am so glad he said, “Thank you,” and kissed her, this is a lovely and warm little story. But the message is big! Thank you for sharing this with us, Colleen!


  2. Colleen, that is so touching, I truly love that bit of emotional uplifting from your dad to your mom, and then on to you. This story will indeed live on and on and on. Thank you for sharing it. Take care, BIll


  3. What a wonderful, sweet story. Thank you for sharing it.

    I once worked with a lady named Ocha who was the 8th of 8 children, (perhaps even the eighth girl, but I cant swear to that). She said she was given the name Ocha because her parents ran out of names by the eighth child, so went with a feminized version of ocho (Sp?) the Spanish word for 8.


  4. As one of the “other seven” I can say I did not know this until now, and it brought tears to my eyes and a *spark* to my heart that I actually felt. THANK YOU for sharing this :’)


  5. Colleen … every time I think you can’t outdo your last post, you go ahead and prove me wrong. This is beautiful. “As long as they are remembered, they are.” I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you this, but you should assemble a whole lot of your posts into a book.


    • Jim you have made my night. 🙂 Thank you. I have been told this before. It’s one of those things I add to my “some day” list. I am fast filling up my years of retirement with planning on all of the things I’ll do because I can’t get to them now. 🙂 You are my favorite tonight Jim. Thank you.


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