I Do So I Am

I write.

Therefor I am a writer.

I sing.

Therefor I am a singer.

I fail.

Therefor I am a failure.

I try.

So I’m an attempter!

I bike.

Therefor I am a cyclist.

I run!

Therefor I am a runner.

Well, I was.

Now I hike.

So I am a hiker.

I lie.

So I am faulted.

I give to help.

So I am a philanthropist.

I wish.

Because I am a dreamer.

I work.

Because I am a realist.

I gave birth.

This makes me a mother.

I love my children.

This makes me a mom.

I love my grandchildren.

This makes me Mamo.

I cherish,

So I value.

I am who I am.

Because of what I do.


I am only what I do.

So I guess I am.