I’m Sorry To Disappoint You….

This may be a true heart break for many to hear.  Or read.  So you may want to stop reading right here.  Especially if you are a parent to young children.  Personally I believed this for a very long time.  Believed it.   But it is pure myth.  Fabrication.  Down right untrue.

I’m sorry.

But it’s better to find out now than to falsely believe and hope.

You know how you make an escape to the bathroom.  For that oh so valuable moment of peace.  Freedom.  Quiet?

And you dream of the day when your children will not find you every.single.time.you.go.in.there???

It’s a lie.

They never ever grow out of it.

Without fail my children, who don’t even live with me, find me.   Every.  Single.  Time.

They always find you.

Even if it’s by phone.

Please don’t set yourselves up for a big let down.  Don’t believe it.  And you won’t have such a big let down when your children are in their twenties and you finally give up all hope.

I’m sorry.

Really, I am.


Just to clarify.  I do not take my phone to the bathroom with me.   If it’s in my pocket when I’m in the bathroom I do not answer it.  Those who do not remember the age prior to the cell phone era may not understand that many of us do not believe in answering the phone in the bathroom.   This is about the children finding you.  In the bathroom.   No matter if they are in the house or not.  And no matter if they are age two or age twenty two.