I’m Sorry To Disappoint You….

This may be a true heart break for many to hear.  Or read.  So you may want to stop reading right here.  Especially if you are a parent to young children.  Personally I believed this for a very long time.  Believed it.   But it is pure myth.  Fabrication.  Down right untrue.

I’m sorry.

But it’s better to find out now than to falsely believe and hope.

You know how you make an escape to the bathroom.  For that oh so valuable moment of peace.  Freedom.  Quiet?

And you dream of the day when your children will not find you every.single.time.you.go.in.there???

It’s a lie.

They never ever grow out of it.

Without fail my children, who don’t even live with me, find me.   Every.  Single.  Time.

They always find you.

Even if it’s by phone.

Please don’t set yourselves up for a big let down.  Don’t believe it.  And you won’t have such a big let down when your children are in their twenties and you finally give up all hope.

I’m sorry.

Really, I am.


Just to clarify.  I do not take my phone to the bathroom with me.   If it’s in my pocket when I’m in the bathroom I do not answer it.  Those who do not remember the age prior to the cell phone era may not understand that many of us do not believe in answering the phone in the bathroom.   This is about the children finding you.  In the bathroom.   No matter if they are in the house or not.  And no matter if they are age two or age twenty two.  

56 thoughts on “I’m Sorry To Disappoint You….

  1. Colleen, L M A O, my daughter only calls me when she knows I am talking to her mother on the phone. And even before I hear HI Dad, she asks where’s mom. So of course I am required to hangup so they can talk for the 3 or 4th time that day. Love them both, but feel your pain. But never go into the bathroom without a phone. Take care, Bill


  2. this is hysterically true! When my son was two, I tried to break him from following me to the bathroom, he would lie down on floor and stick his little fingers under the door. Great article!


  3. OMG. This is so TRUE. My daughter is pretty much the only person to call me. When the phone ring when I’m in the bathroom, I have finally learned to ignore it. BUT, it took a lot of training. After all, I live in the same house as her.
    Why can I go to the can in peace?


    • 😉 It depends on how much you want to see your child. I was going to suggest for those who aren’t hearing from your children who have moved out….. take your phone to the bathroom….. it will happen. 🙂


  4. I have that problem with my cats, I can not go alone and if I close the door with them outside they whine, scratch on the door, and cry just like a child until I let them in. I am so glad I can say my kids did outgrow that stage. Maybe its because they are boys and don’t share in the makeup and hair care stuff that a daughter might do.


  5. Lol Colleen this is true. I’ll be I’m the bathroom and
    When they are here they walk I’m and are surprised
    at my state of ahem… undress. I don’t get calls
    but do get texts. Great post funny and true !


  6. Thank you! I thought this was just true for the ASD/ADHD household. It even seems that if I have something to say to them (that they probably do not want to hear) I can do it when in the bathroom–even if I do not wish to do so, as they all show up and then don’t seem to go away. They also still sneak into things, making those suspicious noises like they do when they are two and you HAVE to leave the door opened so that you can shout, “Whaaaaaaaaaat are you doing, stop doing that come where I can see you @I**&*#$^!”

    I am so relieved to find, that I am not broken and that I have not failed the differently abled children. They all just do it. 🙂 or 😦 depending 😛


  7. The question no one is asking is “Why do they seek us out in the bathroom”???? Mine used to say it was the only time they got my undivided attention. Is that true???;)


    • 🙂 Every night I turn on the alarm. Take off my glasses and lay back thinking I’ll doze off. Every night I get a text……. right after this ritual. No matter what time I go through it. 🙂


  8. Guilty as charged. I’m 20, and I barge into my mom’s bathroom all the time…in the shower, on the toilet, you name it. Doesn’t stop me from yelling at her if she ever tries to do it to me, though 😉


    • I appreciate the honesty! My mother is in her seventies…but I’m pretty sure I have not barged in on her in the bathroom. I have issues. All people should have private bathrooms no matter where they go in the world. 😉


      • See, I absolutely agree in theory…but somehow every time I have something of vital importance to tell my mom (there’s a spider in the house, an ex-boyfriend texted, we need more bread) she happens be in the bathroom. It’s a harsh reality that sometimes, it just can’t wait.

        P.S. I’m just getting started on a writing blog–check out my adventures in dating and creative writing if you have a chance!


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