Because You Died For Me

Because you died for me

I will do my best

To be my best.

I will not squander my chance,

To live free.

To live with choice.

To honor your service and your memory.

Because you died for me

I will appreciate

The full life I have.

I will not belittle your sacrifice

By belittling my country

Or spoiling the greatness you believed in.

Because you died for me

I will learn what I can

Of what you went through,

What you suffered,

And what your family lost.

I will not turn my eyes from the lessons before me,

Or behind me.

Because you died for me

I will live in my country with gratitude for it’s very existence-

Owed to you-

And your duty and your honor.

Because you died for me

Thank you is not enough.

Because you died for me

I must live with dignity

For the country you believed in.

And died for.


The very least, and the very most,

That I can do for you,

Is not squander what your death provided me.

And not make a mockery of your sacrifice.

Because you died for me.

Because you died for me.

Because you died for me.

I live free.



Originally published 5/24/2013

35 thoughts on “Because You Died For Me

  1. Colleen, Speaking for myself as a Veteran, thank so very much for these so very kind and thoughtful words. Words when heard by a veteran are thankful they could serve and protect the likes of you. Those looking down from above and hearing these words become more proud they served, because of the likes of you, And those thinking of taking up the honor of serving and protecting your become stronger in their conviction because of the likes of you. You are the embodiment, the poster child of why we choose or chose to serve. Thank you. Take care, Love Bill


    • What an amazing comment Bill. Thank you. I really bristle at the population who criticizes and squanders the opportunities afforded to them in a country that has men and women willing to die to protect them. Why would those of us being protected NOT want to do everything we can to be productive, and take care of this country, not drain it.

      Thank you for your service Bill. Fortunately there are many many people who do appreciate your commitment to us.


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