They Served, And They Died

Thank You Soldiers


Personally I have no understanding of war.

I know people of more importance and smarter than I make these decisions.

Decisions I’m not always capable of understanding.

But it’s the men and women who stand between me and harm’s way-

That are greater than I.

I thank them all.

I’m sure some of them didn’t understand or care at all for war.

But they went, they served, and they died.

I did not.

Nor did those who made the decision that created war.


43 thoughts on “They Served, And They Died

  1. Indeed, when our elected representatives fail in global relationships – or for their own self-serving purposes – war is declared by them…and off our young men and women go off to war. It is a damn shame the same elected representatives give out free health care to people that shouldn’t even be here but turn a blind eye to our returning military. That really angers me.


  2. Those people who make those decisions are not smarter than you. NFW. Most of the decisions are political, and as another comment said, self-serving. I highly doubt they have our best interests in mind, after a point. I understand the need for defense. It makes me so angry when the regular citizens say that they don’t want war, yet people keep dying. Let the “important” people fight it out in a locked room. Disgusting.


  3. One’s inability to understand war and/or decisions to engage in armed conflict doesn’t endorse or condone the horrible outcomes. Your brief, penned words are simultaneously poignant, beautifully acknowledging, and accusatory. Thanks for expressing and sharing them, Colleen.


  4. It breaks my heart that all our lovely boys and brother, uncles, cousins, fathers have gone to war and so many have not returned. So many who did, came back broken. I don’t know war either and there are no men in my family, we are all women who are left, but still…

    I thank all those who have gone for their courage, hearts and lives.

    Love your sketch. It is PER-fect. Tells so much.


  5. Colleen, this is so beautiful in its simple message that speaks to that part of our human existence, a flame we have never understood, but throw ourselves into, generation after generation, since the dawn of man on this earth. I so enjoy your blog, I would like to pass on a Liebster Award to you in recognition of the wonderful messages you bring to us here. If you would like to participate, at your own pace and schedule, of course, you can find out more on my blog at Your nomination waits there for you. Thank you, from this old soldier, who believes people like you are worth any sacrifice we must make.


    • THank you Willy Nilly. You are VERY kind.

      The idea that any soldier feels I deserve the freedom he signed up to fight for….is a very responsible and heart endearing feeling. Thank you. You are my favorite today.


  6. Brilliant and to the point, as expected. Not to take away for a moment from those who have served, I’d like to also add THANK YOU to all who wanted to serve, but were unable; and those who were joined and just as committed as anyone else as a member of our military forces, who but by the grace of God were never activated. God bless them all!


  7. Colleen, I love what you say, and I love how you say it. You are so special to me. As a veteran I am so so glad that the men and women serving now are highly respected and cared for by the citizens of our country. I am so grateful to see stories of little boys giving found money to a military man because of his dad. The country has changed a lot since Vietnam, it has been for the better, our politicians could learn a lot from our citizens. Thank you, Bill


    • Sadly Bill, our politicians are supposed to be OF our citizens. But it seems like once they get there they have tricked us to believe they were of us. Where did they grow up and live????


  8. I have been a lifelong pacifist but do respect those who have fought and tried to save us from the bad things and enemies. I appreciate knowing you also don’t like nor understand war! That is another thing we have in common, Colleen! Great poem and way you expressed those feelings.


    • 🙂 Thank you Robin. I can’t say I haven’t ever envisioned hurting someone. Though as I get older the idea of it alone bothers me. I can’t even watch those “funny” videos where someone is getting hurt it bothers me so much.


  9. Being raised in the military and being an Army wife and mother you would think I would have it all sorted out…but like you I don’t understand either. There is a saying I like that says no one wants peace more than a soldier.


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