The Courage To Create

You don’t know the courage it takes.   To put thoughts and ideas and creations in to words.  In to paint.  In to sculpture. In to drawings.  In to music.   Then offer them up.  To be exposed.  Lay bare the ideas.  Lay bare the  visions.   Expose  perceptions.   Offer them up to anyone.


For anyone to love.

For anyone to hate.

For anyone to destroy.

For anyone to ignore.

There is courage to have a desire to create.  To take the action to create.  To take the step to share.

You don’t know the courage it takes.  Unless you have the desire and passion to create.  And a stronger desire to share.

What courage have you?

51 thoughts on “The Courage To Create

  1. Yes, it definitely takes a lot of courage to create/blog. Even after blogging for almost a year I still get nervous every time I publish. I can’t imagine how it is for someone whose whole livelihood depends on it.


    • I didn’t even think about that! Making a living on this would be hard work.

      I think of painters who paint and then watch others view their work. Or people who do comics (I love daily and journaling comics) and wait to see if people appreciate the thoughts and the lines drawn. Anyone who creates and then because part of their creating is sharing….watches as others pay attention, or don’t.

      Thank you Marissa. 🙂


  2. The first thing that pops into my mind, every time I hit the publish button, Oh No! What have I just done? I survive, primarily on the kindness of others. I find myself encouraged to try again and so I hit the button again. Then I remember I forgot to edit. Oh No! What have I just done! Putting yourself out there is not for the faint of heart.


    • No it isn’t Willy Nilly. Like you, I seldom pause before hitting publish. But then I do think OH NO!!! I like your statement ” I survive, primarily on the kindness of others. I find myself encouraged to try again and so I hit the button again.” That sums up a great deal of this process on WP, anyway.

      Thank you! 🙂


  3. I write because without writing I’d be like someone who has not had their nicotine fix. However I rarely fret over publishing. I am blinded to what I have written. It is only when I begin to get comments that I sometimes think “Oh dear, what have I written”.

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    • Your courage is bold Tric! 🙂 I will say though, I have never read your writings and thought “oh dear God, what has she written!”. 🙂

      But I have thought….oh dear God, I’m glad I read this.


  4. I jump first and think later when it comes to what I write. Sometimes it works, a lot of time it doesn’t, but that’s ok. It was what I had to do at the time.


  5. Colleen, I have the passion, the need, and the courage, but I can’t match up with you. I create from memory not imagination, I create from actions that are real, not from the depths of my mind, like you. I have a level of courage, but it’s just a low rung on your ladder of courage. I am so pleased to know you, and be bless with your courage everyday. Your ability to freshly create each day. God I love that about you. Take care, Bill You putting your courage on display daily allows others to try. Take care.


    • Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill….. you sir, are a beacon of courage. Talk about “courage on display”. You live this every day. My husband read your comment, hunted me down, and said “I don’t agree with Bill’s comment, that man has courage”.

      Thank you for sharing your stories, your information, your life, your battle, and your attitude. Thank you. ❤


      • Colleen, you and your husband are two of the finest folks I have encountered online. Oh to have you as neighbors would be such a joy. I write what I write because I don’t know any better, and I don’t have to know better. Thank you for calling it courage, thank you for saying what you do about me. But I really wish I were creative like you, to spin the facts of life as you,. Each day is a new one for you, you take a different subject a different spin, an idea, a thought, and you’re on the spot creative. That’s courage, it really is. Please take care and thank both you and your husband. Bill


  6. Colleen, I am grateful for the safety net of the WP Update button to correct any mistakes after the fact… There was considerable angst in the old newspaper days when we would file a story on deadline and have to wait until the next morning to see — in print, forever — what we had done. There was no going back when tens of thousands of copies of your work were out there. On rare occasion, there would be the. Dreaded ‘Correction’ that had to appear in the following day’s editions.


    • Jim I can’t even imagine! Talk about pressure. I know I’ve been mortified (too many times) to find a typo or incorrect use of a word when I have reread a post of mine…. To have your job rely on this? So who did that fall back on? The editor or the reporter?


      • It depended on who made the error, and the published correction would say, “Due to a reporting / editing error, …” Painful indeed!


        • So many ways to catch things now a days. BUT, I don’t know if this is a comfort or not….but it seems even the largest of the word producing formats reporting news seem to have errors and typos. And if I catch them….then I wonder how many there are I don’t catch. It actually gives me a little comfort. That we are still human and not even our technology makes us perfect. 😉


  7. oh my, mostly, I feel as if I have no courage. Most days, it takes courage to make it through the day and smile at least one time. I’m looking for the courage though. I know it’s there! Probably under a pile of laundry.


    • Really? I find it quite courageous. To face all of the fears, worries, ups and downs. And STILL be determined to find that smile and make it happen. 🙂

      And let’s not forget the humor you manage to find!


  8. Yes, Colleen, what Jim said above. The “dreaded correction” would keep a reporter tossing and turning the next night and the night after. For a while, the policy was, you had to go to your editor and explain how you made the error. After that, it was tacked on that you had to write a note that was passed up the chain to other editors, to the editor-in-chief. To me, it was humiliating enough that all those eyes in our community of which Jim mentioned saw the damn mistake in newsprint the morning it came out. OK, should I even mention how the ante was upped exponentially by the Internet and the ability of folks worldwide to not only see errors in reporting facts but call you an idiot in the comment section? I do believe a scab may have been pulled off here by your “The Courage to Create” and how I related it to my writing world.


    • Thanks for that info Mark. Like I told JIm, I can’t imagine the stress of this.

      One thing I thought a lot about when talking about putting a creation (whatever style of art it is) I thought about people loving/hating/destroying it. But I thought the worst of it all would be to create….and have it ignored. I don’t think I would want someone calling me an idiot… but if no one paid attention at all…Perhaps being called an idiot would mean someone read it. And it provoked some kind of emotion. (And just because someone may call us an idiot doesn’t make them right. Right? 😉 )


  9. Indeed, it takes courage to create and set it free for the world to see. Each and every time. But, if you can’t help yourself, because you enjoy what you do, you keep exposing yourself with fingers crossed.
    What a wonderful post, Colleen. This is so true.


  10. I always marvel at the creations of others and wish I had their talent, know how, and abilities. I also think that sometimes people waste those chances that they have because of lack of courage or even use them for bad.


  11. I don’t think about who will be reading my blog… I hope others do, it just a place to write about what’s going on in my drive to become published. My ideas for my posting usually comes from something that has happened or I’ve overheard during the day or yesterday. I like my postings to be about things I’m involved with or doing. I don’t want my blog to be just about ‘How to’, but to be a shared journey.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    • THank you Paula Readman. “…but to be a shared journey”. What a great reason to write. I use my blog to help me focus on the moments, the every day moments. I don’t want to over look anything.

      I also like how you say “drive to become published”. That speaks of work and effort. 🙂 Good for you!


  12. Agreed, all creations of art come with a cost, and to overcome that cost requires great personal courage. I feel that a thick skin is always necessary for an artist, especially one who wishes to publicize his or her work, because the world will always make of it what it wishes to make of it. Even things like blogging on WordPress requires courage. (:


  13. I’m getting tired of the tablet app for WordPress…! I gave up trying to post a reply earlier today… But indeed, it does take fortitude to put forth your creations while not knowing how they will be accepted… However, if 1% of the folks liked and BOUGHT your creation, you’d be on an desert island creating more!


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