The Cycle Of Back Talk

Remember as a child when you ‘back talked’ your parents?

You got in trouble and lectured.   You didn’t understand why you couldn’t speak your mind.

Remember as a parent when your child ‘back talked’ you?

And you couldn’t figure out where your children learned to talk like that.   And how dare  they speak to you like that.

Remember as a grandparent when that too adorable child back talked you, or better yet, their parent?

And you thought it wonderful that your grandchild was confident enough to know and speak their mind.

27 thoughts on “The Cycle Of Back Talk

  1. Colleen, Talking back to my parents was a totally frowned upon and usually resulted in a backhand, as a matter of fact much more than often than not it was met with a backhand, This taught me the art of mumbling under my breath (kinda sorta). Which sometimes still resulted in a backhand. I don’t know where my daughter learned to talk back, and while I didnt’t appreciate it, it never warranted a backhand. But now as a grandparent I can say in total honesty when my sweet lovable granddaughter talks back to my daughter I do kinda snicker. And much to my daughter’s credit she doesn’t use the backhand either. Take care, Bill


  2. Great post Colleen 🙂
    One good thing to remember is to stay open-minded and positiv. This take weapons away, before they are used. It is impossible to argue with someone, when they are smiling in a kind way to you.


  3. I was blessed with “family council meetings.” We all had voices and votes. The few times I disagreed, all I had to do was explain my position. I didn’t get my way, after all, I was a child. But if I could name two or three reasons ‘why’ I could or should do something and they were valid, we could always negotiate different results. I am always pleased when my own children say they were not afraid to speak up in class, that I had ‘their back’ and I was not a scary single mom, Colleen! But, they do laugh a lot about two episodes where there was discipline (attempts) involved! One was I took a carload of children to the police station, saying I had a fine to pay, then asked for a young officer. When a young man came out, I whispered that I was a single mom, had babysitting children that may follow my son’s lead, and he had chosen on this day to sit on the roof. I was so shocked because he took him down to the jail cell, took him inside and sat down and talked to him. My 9 year old son came back a much better behaved boy that summer! The other time, where I was chasing him around the house, as he was a teenager, with a brush in my hand collapses the 3 grown siblings into riots of laughter! I was threatening to ‘spank’ him if he didn’t stop doing something. I have no clue what led me to grab a hair brush but they and I remember that like it was yesterday! Smiles, Robin


    • Oh I LOVE THIS!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! I am sure you have MORE stories than this to tell.

      Our family meetings were….oh geez…. I think that will be my blog for tomorrow. 🙂 Too long for a comment. But long enough for a post. They were NOT democracies I’ll tell you that! 🙂


  4. Oh but this is so true! LOL! I have thought this very thing. And the best is when I watch my mother smile and laugh when the girls are a little “cheeky,” something she never once tolerated in her own children, and now as a great-grandparent, “anything goes.” So funny!


  5. There are times I feel alone with my feelings of how we parented. I can only say that I wanted to guide, not control my kids. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but I only have one vampire–but he did get a job offer! He starts Monday!!!


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