25 thoughts on “Imperfect

    • Thank you Koji. “The pain of being good”. I feel like I understand that. I’ve been fortunate and most people I meet are good, imperfect like me, and good. Like you my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Forgiveness is a powerful thing to wish for. Some days it’s hard to be me, human. I think most, good-hearted, are harder on themselves then others are. I really like and agree with what Koji wrote, you’re a very good person Colleen. Even a cyber friend can see that. โค


    • You and Koji are way too kind to me. โค But I accept it!

      It's the last thing I try to do every night. In my head. Is ask for forgiveness for what ever I messed up or hurt through out the day. Even if I'm not aware of it, the idea of having hurt someone or messed something up can get to me.

      Thank you Paulette.


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