Who Is Holding The Weapon?

I don’t know much about politics.

So this isn’t about politics.

But about my initial reaction.

And it’s fear.

My Soldier

My Soldier

Fear for our soldiers.


This soldier belongs to someone.

Someone loves him.

Someone loves her.

Someone can say

“This is my soldier”.

Who is holding the weapon?

38 thoughts on “Who Is Holding The Weapon?

  1. I cannot imagine using a weapon. I am not able to even contemplate this in my defense of my own family. I would use words to try to talk someone out of killing. I wrote about my inability to do this on my D-Day post… It is so well done in this description and your drawing, too! Thanks, Colleen for this one!


    • I liked your D-Day post Robin, very much.

      I don’t know, honestly, if I could shoot another person or not. I would like to think I could do what needed done to protect those I love and those I was responsible for. I would hope that would never include shooting. But given the time and the circumstances of D-Day….I greatly appreciate those who could and did do what was needed.


      • This focus was more on peace, I liked it so much more than mine! I agree with your last sentence of your response back to me, too. I greatly appreciate those who could and did do what was needed. Exactly the right thing to say!


        • This post of mine I didn’t think really related to ‘peace’ like your’s did. Your’s was TRULY about peace. This one, sadly, is about the argument raging now about the swap for the terrorists. There are so many emotions attached to this. I don’t like the idea of any human being tortured or held captive. That does bother me. But now I fear there will be so many MORE at risk and in harm’s way because of what was done. Going back to the beginning of all of this, thought does not seem to have been given to those who would be affected. šŸ˜¦ Like you, I wish there was a better way than war.


  2. My interpretation? Who is holding “the weapon” is right. The terrorists are shooting at our brave military on the field of battle to kill them. On the other side of our soldiers, their own Administration and “certain” media are shooting unsupportive words and articles against them…instead of protecting and supporting them.


  3. I think that if we are going to send our young men into a war, we also need to take care of them when they return. I wonder how many leaders of countries have had sons or daughters enter the service? I know Roosevelt did. What if we returned to the ancient custom of the head of the country leading his men into battle? How many wars do you think we would have?


  4. We watched a movie the other night about the Navy Seals and a mission in Afghanistan. It was based on a true story. At the end of the movie, they showed pictures of the real soldiers with their families, and boy did it bring the tears. I wish war wasn’t human’s answer to conflict, but it must be part of our genetic make up, as it has gone on for centuries.


    • I think war started with Cain and Abel. Sadly. It has not gotten any better. And the people dying on these ‘battle fields’ have no control over whether their sacrifice will bring forth the change they believe they are fighting for.


  5. Colleen, gosh talk about profound. Yes who is indeed holding the weapon? This puts it both on the aggressor and defender alike. And it really depends on your view who the aggressor or defender are. Before I read the post I had a very clear mental picture of who was holding the weapon. Now I am not so sure. Thank you for giving me a different perspective, for changing the angle of my view. Take care, Bill


  6. That is very profound. I have family in the services and wonder the same. I know with all the VA scandal, at times it makes me wonder. The media, the government, not to mention the other side, those they defend us from…why does it seem like our soldiers never get a break?
    Peace seems the only logical answer, if logic could just prevail on a worldwide scale.


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