Learn from our mistakes.  It’s an oft spoken wisdom to many of us.  It’s advice given to our graduates.  Or to someone struggling through a rough time wrought from poor decisions.

We are not capable, however, of learning from other’s mistakes.

If this were so.

We would be a perfect breed of humanity.   We would be living in peace.  We would practice tolerance, respect and personal responsibility.

But within our makeup is a little glitch.

We have to learn and experience for ourselves.

Some of us have bigger glitches than others.

Degree In Glitchin


Throwing My Mortar Board

I embrace my life long study of glitching.  Learning.  And never being perfect.  On to further studies in this field!




How dull I would be….to be perfect.


60 thoughts on “I DID IT!!

  1. Colleen, I truly believe you have learned from your glitches. I know I have learned sometimes, and other times have required more than one lesson. But I do continue to embrace the process. Take care, be safe. Bill


  2. Congratulations for embracing your glitches and life lessons, Colleen! Also, if there really is a graduation, save me a piece of cake please! I would be happy to share in your celebrations! Smiles, Robin


  3. Your post brought a smile to my face and nodding of my head. When it comes to glitching, I’ve got at lest a Master’s Degree. I also enjoyed your drawings.



  4. I agree, even though we can use empathy to learn about other people, personal experience still helps us the most. Wonderful post as always!


  5. Ahh Colleen, I love the way you use your words to express our humanity. Thank you for giving me perspective and not take myself so seriously. I am the Queen of Glitches and have a lot of studying left to do. Have a wonderful week:)


  6. Woot! I concur, it would be dull to be perfect. Sounds like a study we are all taking a part in. 🙂


  7. Our office staff is punctuated with college student interns. We have weekly staff meetings where we encourage anyone to voluntarily document their ‘blunder of the week” and tell what they learned through the mistake. The responses are documented and at the end of the school year we write them all up, vote, and the best blunder receives an award and a very nice gift. It’s all intended to be about learning from mistakes and not feeling so badly about making them in the first place, as long as we do learn something. I have definitely earned a Ph.D. in mistakes and life lessons! 🙂


    • We can celebrate our education together Debra. 🙂

      My boss had a crow on her desk, she used to give it one of us every month for ‘eating crow’ on some mistake or another. I think she kept it the most. 😉


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