44 thoughts on “I’ve Discovered The Secret To Drama

  1. Colleen, I would never accuse you of creating “drama” but being human, even the best of us stumble along the and create a touch of drama. But I bet you have a real ability and at your best when it comes time to defuse situations and take the drama right out of them. Take care, Bill.


  2. I wrote an early on post about drama. Not sure if it is called, “he asks for no drama” in match.com posts. I was surprised because life, to me, always holds drama. I was definitely not going to choose a man who had decided this was one of his reasons to ‘siphon out’ some women. Heaven forbid, if there were accidents, floods, children needing help, disabilities or lost jobs! I guess, this is more of a rant, than supporting your poem and expression of your feelings. Sorry, Colleen. I liked the part about “resolving conflicts.”


    • It’s okay Robin….whatever these words prompted you to think about is okay. It’s interesting to hear the thoughts. I have just seen/heard/experienced drama that is “created” that I prefer to ignore. Or not play in to. Or create myself! I look back and cringe at some of the things that I allowed to influence my mood or affect my life. When it really shouldn’t have. It’s what our writing does Robin. 🙂 You didn’t sound “ranty” but if you want to, you can anyway! 🙂


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