Flawed, I Am

I have flaws.  It’s probably pretty common.  To be flawed, I mean.   I have flaws in my skin, flaws in my posture, flaws in my grammar and speech.   I have teeth that are crookedly flawed.    And I’m pretty much imperfectly flawed in my ability to sing.  I can’t reason without a flaw…….

None of these matter as much….

As the flaws in my character.

The flaws that I recognize, own and repeat.

And do nothing to change.


I am.

Make no mistake.  I see my flaws.  I see them clearly.


Yet, I am loved.

Flawed, that I am.

30 thoughts on “Flawed, I Am

  1. Colleen, as flawed as you are you are indeed loved by many. And it is thru your flaws that we get to see you, appreciate you, respect you, and cherish the words of wisdom that come from those flaws. Please never become flawless. Take care and love, Bill


  2. I like the image you chose for this, and it a good reminder: we are all human; we are all flawed, and we are loved. Nice 🙂


  3. Isn’t it wonderful to have people in our lives, dear, loving friends and family who love us despite those imperfections! 🙂 I think I must honestly say that I have a few of those flaws, too. I am not as honest about them as you are, though, I think! 🙂


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